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    If you are fortunate to have a large space located outdoors, you surely need a lighting system of this scale. Whether it is to strengthen your safety by improving the brightness of your property or to ensure lighting during your festive events, Buy a powerful LED projector is a great idea. Provided with LED technology, powerful Siluma projectors stand out for power and quality their lighting, by their longevity as well as their economic character. They produce an unparalleled light intensity ideal for lighting a site, a stage, or any other type of outdoor space. Their IP65 protection index also provides them with optimal protection against climate rigors. From 100W LED projector At 500W projector, a wide choice of powerful exterior lights is available to you to precisely meet the lighting needs of your space.

    47 products
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    Buy and install a powerful LED projector to enjoy efficient outdoor lighting

    It is important to give particular care to its external lighting, for the sake of safety, visibility but also of aesthetics. THE Powerful external LED projectors Silumare perfect for exercising these functions. Your specialist in lighting and decoration has concocted a selection of particularly powerful outdoor projectors, which are suitable for all lighting projects, whether for domestic or professional use. Garden, terrace, site or even stadium are sublimated by the great light power of our outdoor projectors.

    The performance of our powerful LED projectors at the service of your outdoor lighting

    This category contains best powerful outdoor spotlights,Intended to provide efficient lighting to your outdoor spaces. Employing LED technology, renowned for its high light yield -up to 100 lumens not watts -theseLED projectorsoffer you effective lighting with very high light intensity and low energy consumption. Indeed, the LED has revolutionized the world of lighting by allowing consumers to enjoy powerful and intense lighting while reducing their electricity consumption. Thanks to our powerful LED projectors, you are able to consume on average 6 times less electricity than with halogen lights for example. Then take advantage of powerful and inexpensive lighting with our powerful external LED projectors.

    What are the different types of powerful outdoor LED projector available on Silumen.com?

    The 100W LED projector

    Providing lighting around 10,000 LM, 100W LED projectors From this selection are ideal for lighting your facade, garden or terrace. The powerful lighting provided by these lights is useful for keeping good visibility on your exterior, in particular to strengthen its safety. Also, take advantage of these designer accessories that add style to your exterior. THE Powerful exterior LED projectors of 100W,such as the LED projector 100W Blue Grayand the Powerful LED projector 100W black, know how to adapt to all uses, and satisfy you at the same time.

    The powerful LED projector 150W

    THE 150W outdoor projectors are suitable for larger spaces requiring greater light power. In this category, you will find different kinds of powerful exterior projectors for specific uses, such as LED projector for 150W stadium, or more common, like the Black IP65 exterior LED projectorFor example. Silumen created this Selection of powerful 150W projectors So that everyone will find a solution to their problem and benefit from quality lighting at the best price.

    The 200 Watts outdoor LED projector

    Choose from our best powerful LED projectors to meet your outdoor lighting needs precisely. Adapted to the lighting of high height spaces under ceiling or exterior, our 200W LED projectors exercise their high light power at your service. Like all of our lighting means, they use LED which allows them powerful, efficient, energy -consuming and particularly durable lighting. Each of our Powerful outdoor projectors 200W assure you an average durability of 20,000 hours. All these characteristics make it an essential and economical light accessory.

    The 300W powerful outdoor projector

    Adapt the powerful projector to your use, and opt for 300W LED projector models For your large and large outdoor spaces. Depending on your need, you have access to light projectors available to the unit or Powerful LED projectors 300W in pack of 5, especially for professional use. Take advantage of the quality of our products, the efficiency of LED and its low consumption to enlighten your exterior without breaking the bank. You will not find better projectors elsewhere, Silumen has already gathered for you the cream of the cream in terms of powerful and efficient exterior lighting.

    The powerful 400 watts projector

    Whether you have a large family property or even a football stadium, you find the powerful projector you need! Our category of Powerful 400W LED projectors Was specially designed to support large -scale projects and offer powerful and qualitative lighting that provides the best of the ways. Choose from our 400W single and Industrial LED projectors 400W HighbayThe one that best suits your project and best meets your expectations. In any case, our selection was made to satisfy you.

    The ultra powerful 500W LED projector

    Bet on the exceptional power of our Powerful exterior projectors of 500W To benefit from lighting amazing both by its performance and its quality. Your larger outdoor spaces will no longer see dark areas thanks to their exceptional enlightening function. In this selection, fall for the legendary projector for stadium and enjoy unparalleled visibility, even during the night. There professional quality of our powerful exterior LED projectors of 500W Allows you to take advantage of their performance for a period of 25,000 hours without interruption.

    Why opt for a powerful LED projector?

    Before investing in this or that means of lighting, it is necessary to ask the right questions. What is its use? What will he bring me? Why and how to use it? In the case of our powerful LED projector powerful Silumen, its usefulness lies in the contribution of a exterior lighting efficient and functional in a more or less extensive space outdoors. The high lighting power of these light devices provides additional visibility and safety to your property. It can also be used during special events. It should be noted that all our powerful LED spotlights have a protection sign "IP65", which ensures optimal protection against bad weather and projections related to climate or activity.

    How to choose your powerful outdoor projector?

    The powerful solar LED projector

    Limit your electricity consumption by opting for a Powerful solar projector. With a solar panel, it takes care of solar energy and therefore requires no connection to the sector. THEPowerful LEDs Outdoor Solar offer you powerful lighting without impacting your electricity bill. So don't wait any longer to take advantage of it and order yours on our site!

    The color of the powerful exterior led projector

    Pick the LED projectors in our range which, aesthetically, will sit on the whole decor of your property. Different colors of powerful LED projectors are available on our site, with the powerful black LED projector, thePowerful white projector or the Powerful exterior LED projector blue gray. These sober colors and passout will go perfectly to your exterior to bring a design touch discreetly.

    The shape of the powerful projector

    THE Choice of the shape of your Powerful LED outdoor projector Depends on your tastes, but also on your use. For domestic use, we recommend rectangular models, sometimes at rounded edges for a cozy effect. And for professional use, opt instead for highbay industrial projectors in packs which, in addition to lighting, bring character to your outdoor decor.