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    Do you want to innovate your decor in style? Start by installing LED wall lights On the walls of your home. The design wall lights from the Silumen catalog are essential and trendy. You find modern wall lights for all tastes and parts. Our LED design wall lights are particularly aesthetic and adapt to a variety ofLED bulbs. Thanks to our wall design walls, you enjoy delicate, powerful and sparkling lighting. You find several design colors design: Black wall lights, white, silver or anthracite gray. On Silumen, a great diversity of choices ofInterior wall lights Offers to you, in terms of forms and options. Certain models of LED design wall lights are double light beam, to further enhance your rooms, lounges, corridors or entries. Simply Choose your cheap design wall lamp from Singeynot, with free delivery from € 60 purchase!

    62 products
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    Create a trendy interior decoration thanks to the Silums design wall lights

    To easily redecorate your home, think about the dressing of your lights! You can find Design wall lights at Siluma that will go perfectly with your interior. You can find modern wall lights for all your pieces, of different sizes, shapes and colors. These LED design sconces also adapt to the LED bulbs you already have, or the ones you will place: you can choose the brightness, the color of the light, the protection, etc. At Silumen, you can Buy a design wall lamp for each decoration style Of house.

    Design: an important criterion to buy an interior wall light

    THE Interior led wall lights are in most households: in glass, or in metal, they are sometimes not at all granted with the rest of the decoration! THE Design of your modern wall lamp is an essential element to take into account so that your interior is perfect. A well -chosen design wall light can even be a real decorative object that completes the dressing of a room! LED design wall lights exist in many different models and can create many lighting effects. There are also more discreet LED wall lights that blend with the rest of your decor, in order to give a halo effect. Whatever the desired effect, the choice of design of your wall lamp is essential to the decoration of your interior.

    How to choose my design wall lamp on

    On Silumen, we offer the best design wall lights. However, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice and buy LED wall lightsWho go with your interior. We present to you here all Criteria to take into account before buying a design wall lamp cheap !

    The color of the design wall lights

    If the intensity and color of the light are important elements in the choice of your luminaire, the Modern wall light color is just as important: it is she who mixes with your decoration, and her choice is important if you want it to go perfectly with the rest of the room! At Silumen, you can find LED design wall lights in multiple colors: white, bronze, black, silver or even gray.

    A White wall design wall light Allows you to give a touch of clarity if your room is dark in color. If your walls are already white, the LED design wall lamp can mingle with the rest of the decor and create a halo effect, giving the impression that the light emanates from the wall. A white lamp allows you to bring a touch of sobriety and class in furnished rooms with designer equipment in strong colors.

    The modern bronze -colored wall lamp gives your room a retro appearance, while keeping a chic style: the bronze color recalls the decorations of the Roaring Twenties and the industrial style. The bronze wall design walls combine with dark colors walls, allowing the sconces to come out and give a touch of color. Light reflects against the wall lamp and creates a pleasant play of light, especially if your wall lamp is double bundle.

    Choosing the black color for a modern wall light can be difficult, but black always brings a chic touch, especially in a room with light colors walls, like white or nuances of brown. I'Black wall light Allows the light to be brighter, in contrast.

    Like bronze, the Silver color for a LED design wall lamp Allows you to create an industrial style, recalling the metal of machines and steel. With a Silver wall light, light is reflected on color, making the pieces lighter and highlighting furniture with straight and sharpened edges.

    Finally, theGray wall led wall lamp Bring style to your interior: the matt color offers a pleasant variation in white so often offered by default, which is not as difficult to dress as black. Gray is a neutral color that goes with many other colors, even the strongest. It can bring a touch of subtlety and modernity, associated with other furniture of the same color and bright colored walls, such as red, blue or even orange. Like white or black, a gray color wall lamp can be installed in most rooms in your house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. You can easily find a place in a gray design wall light.

    The shape of the design wall lights

    We offer you Several forms of design wall lights, according to your desires and the decoration of your pieces, which you wanted to bring subtlety to your decoration, a chic or even industrial atmosphere. The best design wall light is the one that adapts to your interior!

    The large wall lamp is noted by its dimensions, and is transformed into a real decorative object. Because of its size, it dresses the wall where it is placed and brings a touch of audacity to your interior. These large sconces exist in several shapes and in several colors in order to best adapt to your interior. Conversely, there are also small wall lights. However, Petit does not mean ineffective! Setting up in all the rooms of the house, a small wall light is discreet and gives the impression of a spot in spot which underlines the dimensions of your room. In addition, its small dimensions allow it to be installed in the most crazy parts without losing space.

    We also offer wall lights to place in the corners of your rooms. These sconces light the pieces with originality and style, and allow space to be saved in small rooms. I'Double bundle angle app Light up the angles from top to bottom and give an impression of height. Classic while being original, the ball or spherical wall lamp gives an aerial atmosphere to the room. Well placed, it can serve as decoration with other glass objects, and also give a retro style, recalling the old lampposts of big cities.

    In contrast to the spherical wall lamp, theRectangular wall light Bring precision in your room and a chic atmosphere thanks to its geometric shape and sharp edges. A rectangular wall light underlines contemporary style furniture, especially if the appliances are gray, silver, or black. We also offer you square walls, allowing to create a certain symmetry in your decoration. Finally, the half-moon-shaped wall lamp is the most versatile form: very effective in lighting the open spaces, it can bring roundness in a contemporary decoration with refined furniture. Since it is open to the top, it diffuses light in soft halo which is sifted by the structure of the luminaire.

    The protection index of design wall lights

    If you want to place LED design wall lights in all rooms in your home, you need a protection index that will vary depending on the location of the wall lamp: in a damp room or outside, you need higher protection for the bulb. We offer you wall lights with integrated LEDs IP20, IP44, IP54 or IP65. Before buying a design wall light, remember to check the protection you need!

    IP letters mean " protection sign », And the following figures make it possible to know the level of resistance of the bulb: the first indicates the resistance to solid bodies (dust, small debris, etc.), the second facing liquid bodies (splashes, rain, snow, etc) :

    • Our IP20 design sconces can resist the solid bodies up to 1mm: small tools, threads, dust, etc. However, they are not at all protected from liquid bodies. It is therefore preferable not to place them in a bathroom, a kitchen or outside. Prefer a bedroom or living room.
    • IP44 trend walls offer the same level of protection against solid bodies as IP40s but can resist the fluid of liquid. They are therefore ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. However, it is better to take a upper protection wall lamp for use very close to the wet point, otherwise the bulb may stop working.
    • A IP54 design wall light is protected against splashes, but also from most dust and small solid objects, it is an ideal bulb for parts where you are led to produce steam, fog or splashes, like a room bath or a kitchen, but also toilets.
    • Finally, the IP65 LED Design app is mainly intended for use near the kitchen water points or the bathroom: it is completely protected against dust infiltration and continuous water jets: You can leave it without fear.

    Simple or double bundle?

    Design wall lights can be designed to light up in single or double bundle, that is to say, be the light comes out on one side, simple, or two sides, double. The double beam allows you to create an enlargement effect of the part by giving the illusion of height.

    The simple beam can be directed in several ways:

    • Direct beam: this is classic projection, most of the time with a round wall lamp allowing to project the light into the whole room
    • The vertical beam: the light of a vertical wall lamp is projected only upwards, like a spot. This Design appliances type Allows you to create a light path in a garden or in a corridor or even diffuse a dim light that lights up only the top of the room
    • The Downlight beam: the light is projected downwards, allowing to minimize the diffusion of the light for the rooms where the atmosphere can remain dark as a room. It can also be very useful as an extra light when watching television.

    THE Double wall lights, they diffuse the light upwards and downwards, allowing both to light a room effectively without it is too strong and diffused directly. Certain sconces can also be oriented diagonally in order to create a light effect depending on the elements to be illuminated.

    The lighting color of the design wall lights

    We offer you cheap design wall lights with integrated LEDs from several white shades, depending on your atmosphere you want to give to the room: cold white, neutral or hot.

    For a room where manual activities are done, or reading, it is more pleasant to opt for a color temperature Cold and clear, in a kitchen for example, allowing you to have a good vision of what you cook, or in an office where cold light gives you less tiring lighting for your eyes.

    Neutral white adapts to all parts. It is pleasant in the water rooms where the light is reflected on the tiles: neither too powerful nor not enough, neutral lighting makes it possible to create a versatile atmosphere, whose light resembles that of daylight, perfect for Make up or prepare. Finally, the warm white lighting allows you to create a more intimate atmosphere and adapt perfectly to the rooms and possibly to the salons. It gives an impression of comfort that accentuates warm colors, such as brown or ocher.

    The power of the design wall lights

    Depending on the room and the location in the room, we recommend that you adapt the power of the LED you choose. This power is expressed in lumens and watt: the higher the two, the stronger and intense the light. Know that watts and lumens represent the same thing, simply use the term lumen for LED bulbs. To have an equivalent between Lumen and ATT, it is enough to multiply the power in Watt by 8. Thus, a bulb of 60 watts is approximately equivalent to a LED bulb of 500 lumens. For a 5 to 20m² room, we recommend that you turn to totaling wall lights between 3,000 and 5,000 lumens. For parts ranging from 20 to 35m², turn rather to LED design lamps totaling between 5,000 and 10,000 lumens. Finally, for very large rooms beyond 40m², prefer several bulbs to 12,000 lumens or more.

    Powerful designer wall lights or not?

    Some of our sconces can be oriented towards specific lighting points when you need them. This kind of LED design wall lamp is perfectly suitable for parts such as offices, where you may need precise light points. This is also the case for kitchens or bathrooms. You can also direct the spot of your Adjustable wall light More or less towards the wall, allowing you to minimize or increase the diffusion of light in the room, according to your needs. Thanks to this, you can Find the best design wall lamp for your interior !

    Design wall lights with integrated bulb or for GU10 or E27 bulb?

    If most of our sconces are sold with an integrated bulb, some are sold empty, allowing you to buy a design wall light and place your own bulb according to your needs. Our sconces can accommodate GU10 or E27 bulbs. The GU10 bulb is a bayonet LED bulb consuming depending on the models between 5 and 10W and offering power once on equivalent to 50 to 60 watts. It allows you to achieve up to 90% energy savings compared to a classic bulb and lasts 2 to 3 times longer. The E27 bulb is a bulb with a screw cheek. This is the most common model in homes. It is available in many shapes, powers and colors, according to your needs and according to the form of your Wall light E27.

    Wooden design wall lights

    We also offer you Wooden designer wall lights made of wood. More original in a design interior, theDesign wood wall light Can bring a touch of natural and heat to rooms with modern furniture. Reminding of the very fashionable Scandinavian design at the moment, the Wooden wall lights Adapt to living rooms and bedrooms, the color of wood that can be more or less dark.

    Where to install my LED design wall lamp inside the house?

    If there are many models, in many colors, our cheap design wall lights can adapt to all the rooms in the house, it is enough that they are placed in the right place to bring the final touch to your decoration!

    A modern wall lamp in the entrance

    Entrance is the first room that your guests will see! Often left aside because too small to really decorate it without overloading it, you can sublimate it thanks to design wall lights which also act as decoration. A half-moon or rectangular double-bundle wall lamp creates a welcoming atmosphere while correctly lit your entrance hall.

    A LED design wall light in toilets

    WCs are often a small, cramped room where there is little room to place lighting, which therefore is most of the time. However, this ceiling lighting creates a sometimes uncomfortable massive halo. You can thus place small walls walls angle design in order to optimize the lighting, or half-moon walls on the sides of the room, possibly above the LAVE-MAIN if you have one in your toilets .

    A LED design wall lamp in the corridor

    The corridor is a place of passage, where you can install many decorations there, as well as cheap design wall lights highlighting not only your decorative elements placed in the corridor but also trace a path in your home to the main rooms .

    A LED design wall lamp in the living room

    One of the main rooms of the house, the living room is often the main place of life where you spend the most time: place of discussion, reading or even entertainment, the room requires lighting suitable for each activity, and possibly different lights that you can use according to what you do. A large design wall light allows you to have a main light source which diffuses it sparingly throughout the room. Smaller sconces with ampoules with reduced power around television can create a cozy atmosphere when you watch a film, ditto around the sofa if the latter is placed against a wall: two design wall lights on both sides of the sofa seat allow you to create a pleasant reading space while offering a furniture covering in the living room.

    A LED design wall lamp in the bathroom

    It is often difficult to place a ceiling lighting in a bathroom: either the room is too small, or the lighting ends up being blinding because it is reflected on the tiles. Our Best Silumen Design Wall Wall lights Allow these problems to solve: a main wall lamp can be placed opposite to the shower or bathtub so that the light is projected to the place where you have it, without this light being too strong. Additional sconces can be placed around the mirror: since they project the light against the wall, they do not blind you and allow you to have good light when you prepare yourself

    A wall design wall lamp on the stairs

    Like the corridor, the staircase is a place of passage, and an ideal place of decoration. A staircase posed against a wall can be lit by design wall light wall lights, allowing you to secure your passage without the light being too strong, especially at night. In addition, well -chosen design wall lights allow you to dress the stairs, which is often a place poor in decoration due to its difficulty in placing objects.

    A wall design wall lamp in the kitchen

    If the hanging lights are preferred for the kitchen, allowing to light a large space, the wall lights can be useful as extra lighting when you cook. The LED design wall lamp placed below a high kitchen furniture Allows you to enlighten a worktop combined by the furniture, and allows you to better see what you do. If you have a dining area in your kitchen, it can also be useful for creating a cozy atmosphere without having to illuminate the whole room.

    A wall design wall lamp in the bedroom

    Important lighting in a room is often useless: you turn off the light when you sleep, and if you read or do other activities before falling asleep, you use an extra light on your bedside table. Therefore, if you still want to have more lighting than that offered by a bedside lamp, you can place Design wall lights above your bed, that you can guide according to your activities. Besides, these wall lights, coupled with a low -power bulb can also serve as bedside lamp, provided that the switch is placed near the sleeping. For a child's room, a wall lamp can serve as a night light: the light projected against the wall is not too strong and does not prevent the child from falling asleep, while reassuring him.