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    Decorate your terrace, your garden or your pergola using our External LED garlands. Excellent decoration accessory, the light garland offers beautiful brightness and better appearance to your spaces. This is precisely the case with our exterior luminous curtains which in addition to illuminating and bringing color to your exterior, make it possible to delimit the space. These luminous curtains are economical, aesthetic and versatile. You have the choice between a wide assortment of light colors to create different atmospheres: blue, red, green or even multicolored! Finally, they are waterproof, so you can install them in an outdoor environment safely, without worrying about the weather. Do not hesitate to associate these luminous outdoor curtains with our Exterior garlands Guinguettes for a unique rendering or our Exterior stalactitis garlands To illuminate your trees or outdoor plants. No need to look further, The best exterior luminous curtains are available at low prices at Silumen.

    20 products
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    User guide for exterior luminous curtains for a successful festive decoration

    It is customary to bring a special decoration to your house in festive time or during special events, even on a daily basis. To help you succeed in your outdoor decor, Silumen has a wide range of accessories designed for this purpose. Among them, LED garlands combine this decorative function and this Enlightening function that does not fail to satisfy you. And for your exterior, our Selection of the best exterior luminous curtainsare perfect for bringing light in style and agree with the themes you have chosen.

    The luminous curtain: a type of trendy exterior light garland

    THE Outdoor LED garlandsare an effective way to light up certain spaces while bringing a trendy touch. This is the case with our outdoor curtain garlands which, thanks to LED technology, offer satisfactory room lighting without neglecting the aesthetic function. Indeed, several models of curtain garlands for exterior exist on the market, all designed to meet growing demand in light decorations. For the holidays, our different types, styles and colors of exterior luminous curtains,such as stalactitis curtains, enhance your home or other spaces, going perfectly with your decor while adding a touch of originality. The light effects are generally associated with the party, do not hesitate to opt for the external luminous garlands in the shape of a curtain in order to amplify the festive character of your events.

    The characteristics of Siluma

    The protection index adapted to its use

    Before installing an outdoor curtain garland, it is essential to check if its protection sign permits. In the case of luminous garlands outdoor curtains on our site, all are adapted to protected outdoor use. This is what the "IP44" certification allows which means that the LED lighting in question is protected against solid bodies greater than 1 mm and against small projections of water coming from all directions. A roof is therefore necessary to protect the IP44 luminous curtainagainst bad weather. If you want to expose your light decorations to stronger water projections or constant humidity, it is best to turn to IP65 models.

    Connected external curtain garlands

    The light functions differ according to the types of selected light curtains: various modes and colors are available to create specific atmospheres in accordance with your expectations. We invite you to push the light experience further by opting forOutdoor light curtains and inexpectedly connected. THE Connected exterior luminous curtain Today is a way to improve your daily life by automated your devices. Our connected light curtains also go in this sense by allowing you to control your LED garlands remotely thanks to the application Tuya Smart and WiFi connectivity of 2.4 GHz. Silum's connected exterior curtain garlands offer you a sublime decorative lighting associated with home automation comfort.

    Perfect outdoor luminous curtains for Christmas decor

    Our Silum's exterior luminous curtains are particularly suitable for Christmas and end of year celebrations. Indeed, you can choose the shorter models like the 120 Multicolored LED Light Curtain To decorate your door, or decorate your tree with the flashing star luminous curtain For example. All our models of cheap outdoor luminous curtain garlands lend themselves perfectly to the game to magnify your Christmas decor, bring a bright and magical atmosphere in all your spaces and amaze young and old at the same time.

    The multicolored function of our exterior luminous curtains, gaiety vector

    If you like the color and the party atmosphere, you will love our Multicolored LED exterior luminous curtains. The colorful lights emitted by their integrated LED bulbs create a joyful atmosphere that delights your guests. They can be associated with a sober decor to bring a little originality, or support a colorful style to highlight your creativity. In addition, the LED allows efficient lighting that perfectly transmits the liveliness of the colors of your outdoor curtain garland. Buy yourmulticolored outdoor luminous curtainsat the best price on our site.

    Choose a monochrome exterior curtain garland for a harmonious rendering

    If you are one of those who like a sober and chic decor, we also have what you need. Opt for the models of monochrome luminous exterior curtain garlands, either with a single lighting color - cold white or hot, blue, etc. - to illuminate your exterior discreetly. Thus, you are not likely to fall into the Too Much and keep a design and harmonious decoration. Perfect for daily use, our monochrome exterior led curtain garlands such as the 360 Warm White LED Light Curtain amaze you every day.

    How to choose your exterior curtain garland?

    A large panel is presented to you in this category for Choose your ideal outdoor luminous curtain. Your choice is thus made according to your tastes and expectations concerning thelight intensity expected, the lighting colors Desired, the dimensions of the space to light, but also your favorite exterior exterior shade shape and length. Indeed, this selection is made up of curtain garlands ranging from 2m to 10m, and up to 600 integrated LEDs. The forms available range from the classic curtain to the model of Outdoor luminous curtain with stars, through the model of Stalactite exterior curtain garland dedicated to a height installation. Let your creativity speak and arrange our best outdoor luminous curtains for a unique rendering, in your image.

    Where to install a luminous curtain outside?

    Buying a Silumae outdoor luminous curtain allows you to create yourexterior lighting And your dream decoration. You make your loved ones. Adapted to an outdoor outdoor installation, thanks to IP44 certification, our decorative exterior LED curtains perfectly if your Christmas tree, veranda, terrace or even at the entrance of your home. You do not lose the right to use them indoors to benefit from the additional protection provided by the IP44 protection index. In all cases, The use you make of your exterior luminous curtain is the best !