60x30cm LED panels

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    You want to install LED panels In your store or at home to promote powerful lighting? We invite you to discover our range of LED slab 60x30 cm without waiting ! Our 60x30cm LED panels have been designed so that your spaces can breathe a different aura allowed by the emission of efficient lighting. In addition, the use of LED technology is a good compromise because it is fortunate enough not to be energetic and therefore to allow you to achieve considerable savings while doing good to the environment. Whether to hang or receive, we have the panels 60x30cm LED you need. In our range, you will also discover Installation kits for LED panels In order to install your panels in a simple and effective way, which will prevent you from picking your wall by embedding them. Our 60x30cm LED tiles are available in Slim version in order to be as discreet as possible and they benefit from a power of 30W. In addition, you will also be able to take them in kits of 10. In our catalog, also discover our 60x60cm LED panels.

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