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    Passionate about beautiful interior decorations? THE Bamboo suspensions Add a natural touch to your decor. Better yet, the Lighting suspensions offer pleasant and energy -consuming interior lighting. They settle in a jiffy and sublimate your big salons in all elegance. Among the most popular of Wooden lighting suspensions, the bamboo is refined and robust. Just integrate LED bulbs In the lighting colors of your choice at Silumen. If you are curious to discover its variants, try them rattan suspensions and industrial metal suspensions. And for your next shopping, buy the bamboo suspensions with fast delivery from Silumen!

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    Opt for a bamboo suspension for central lighting of the most original

    The times when the lights were reduced to a simple hanging lamp are exceeded. The new interior lighting models that have since taken over in the world of decor and design have been available in a wide variety. Lighting now play the card of originality. Beyond their main function, illuminating the space with optimal lighting, they constitute a decisive decoration in the definition of the atmosphere of the room. So, for you who are looking to incorporate a touch of naturalness into your interior, there are now models of specific lighting that lend themselves to it! Silumen offers you in this category Bamboo suspensions. Much more than a light source, this luminaire suspension, imprint of elegance and rusticity, is a real decorative addition to your space.

    Bamboo suspension: a particular and trendy design luminaire

    The choice of luminaire style for your home is a significant decision that has the potential to radically transform the whole space due to its simple presence. Silumen provides you with a diversified catalog of models of lighting adapted to all tastes. For interiors arranged around wood as a predilection material, we offer a wide selection of wooden suspensions To complete the decor of your space by further emphasizing the beauty of this natural material. Among the suggested models, Bamboo hanging lights are very popular.

    Bamboo suspensions are a hanging light model, the main particularity of which lies in the choice of the material used for the design of the lampshade. Indeed, this luminaire is adorned with a cylindrical bamboo cover which gives the whole of the presence and elegance. In addition, bamboo is a decorative material notorious of generalized use in interior decoration, especially in the manufacture of furniture and, now, lighting suspensions. In itself, Install one or more bamboo suspensions in your interior space, an original luminaire at the crossroads of modernity and vintage, inevitably brings character to your decoration.

    The characteristics of the bamboo suspension proposed by Silumen

    The hanging of beige natural bamboo luminaire and compatible with LED cheese lights E27 is a choice of original lighting, a bit daring, highly elegant and undoubtedly decorative to enhance and illuminate your interior. This wooden suspension model has everything to seduce, its design with the premium quality of its design material, without forgetting that it is a LED compatible luminaire suspension.

    An elegant, subtle but captivating design

    The ceiling luminaire is one of the first remarkable elements in an interior space from the moment you put your feet. With The best bamboo suspensions installed in the room, this observation makes sense, as the design of the natural bamboo lampshade of this luminaire does not go unnoticed. It presents itself in a cylindrical shape 40 cm high by 38 cm in diameter, that is to be imposing enough to inevitably capture attention without visually overloading the part. The bamboo used is available in a nice beige tone which makes the luminaire suspension a versatile addition adapted to all decorative styles. Finally, the luminaire suspension cable is 80 cm, a length that you are free to adjust as you wish at the time of installation.

    A bamboo luminaire suspension for E27 LED bulbs

    At time Order one or more bamboo luminaire suspensions to enhance your interior, also remember to get compatible LED bulbs. Indeed, the luminaire is only supplied with its beige bamboo covering, a suspension cable and an E27 type socket. The LED Bullet bulb E27 Suitable for installation is to be bought separately. You are free to choose it according to your needs and desires. Silumen offers E27 LED bulbs in different lighting color temperatures. The choice of electrical power and the intensity of the lighting of the lamp also comes back to you, knowing that the maximum power supported by the bamboo luminaire suspension is 40W.

    High quality design materials

    Our model of bamboo suspension You are offered for cheap, given the product range and the quality of the materials used for its design. In addition to the excellent quality bamboo which constitutes the lampshade of the luminaire suspension, the fruit of a meticulous and neat craft work which reflects the quality of the article, the iron and the PVC were used to make the socket and the suspension cable. The whole is a luminaire that is both very aesthetic and durable.

    Installing a bamboo hanging light

    Buy one or more bamboo lighting suspensions to enhance your interior And bring a touch of natural material. This hanging light, with its versatility and its aesthetic design, constitutes an excellent decorative addition for your living room, the bedroom, suspended above the dining table or even in the large room of a restaurant. IP20 certified, the beige bamboo suspension is suitable for all indoor locations as long as it is protected from humidity. If in doubt, discover Our practical guide to find out what type of space corresponds to which protection index

    Make your living spaces a friendly and warm space by adding a bamboo luminaire suspension as a lighting. The installation of the suspension itself does not require any particular knowledge. To set it up, to::

    • Cut the power supply before any handling and electrical installation.
    • Screw the suspension hook provided to the decided location.
    • Then connect the suspension cable to the electrical arrival with a connector. Whether at the location of the previous luminaire or elsewhere, make sure, in any case, that the wires of the electrical arrival lead to the chosen location to allow connection.
    • Adjust the length of the suspension cable by hiding the excess length in the cache provided for this purpose and then hanging the hook suspension previously set up.
    • Screw an E27 bulb in the socket of the bamboo suspension.