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    Are you looking for a new decoration for your space? To do this, discover our different Color LED bulbs To perfect your layout, they shed pleasant atmosphere in addition to your main light. You will surprise your loved ones by opting for our Connected bulbs, they allow optimized and simplified use thanks to new intelligent technology. All certified to European CE & ROHS standards, our Multicolored bulbs Are considerable assets in your Lighting project so do not hesitate to take advantage of it! Save by opting for our free standard delivery from a purchase of € 59.90.

    11 products
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    Our tips for buying the best blue bulb for your spaces

    Are you looking to bring a touch of colors to your decoration without necessarily having to finance heavy redevelopment work or repaint your walls? The solution lies in the choice of a suitable luminaire. Indeed, the use of color LED bulbs, available under different shades of the light spectrum, has become more democratic. They take place in your living room or bedroom and illuminate the space with a different color light, both refreshing and resolutely decorative. Silumen offers you a whole range of color bulbs to enhance your interior. Discover, among our wide selection, the Blue bulbs.

    Opt for original lighting thanks to the blue LED bulb

    Change the color of lighting light by opting for Color LED bulbs is a new decorative practice acclaimed in the interiors that want to be stylish. The monotony of white lighting solutions has since gave way to a whole palette of possible colors, enough to effortlessly modify the appearance and atmosphere of a room. The simple installation of a color LED bulb is enough to create a different atmosphere in a space. Depending on your preferences, different colors are available. Silumen offers you in particular Excellent blue LED bulbs to light and embellish your interior of their color.

    The blue LED bulbs seduce, at first, with the color of their lighting light. These bulbs bathe the parts they invest in beautiful blue light, instead of the eternal light of white lighting. Your interior is full of a particular blue aura that inevitably changes the decorative atmosphere. In short, the choice to install blue bulbs in your interior allows you to bring a touch of temporary difference to the room. Thus, rather than resolving yourself to repaint a room in blue, a solution that wants to be more permanent and more expensive, even if it means bringing a touch of blue in the room, as much opt for a cheap blue bulb !

    The different types of blue bulbs available on our site

    In your quest for Best blue LED bulb to enlighten your interiors, Silumen offers a wide range of different models. Depending on the use you plan to make of your blue bulbs, you have to choose from different types of faces and different types of bulbs. You can notably opt, among other things, for a blue monochrome led bulb, a basic model with a blue dyed bulb which allows you to have a beautiful blue lighting in your interior.

    The blue bulb E27

    Unsurprisingly, the blue bulbs are offered to you in the most common LED lamp version, the one equipped with a large cheek with type E27. THE Blue LED bulbs at cheese E27, equipped with a 27 millimeter diameter pellet, are the favorite model for recent construction interiors. This type of bulb is suitable for all that is general lighting. They are perfect for equipping conventional ceiling lights or chandeliers and illuminating your interior with a beautiful blue atmosphere. Siluma's E27 blue bulbs are provided to you with a remote control that greatly simplifies their daily use.

    The blue bulb E14

    You are thinking of Install blue LED bulbs In your bedside lamps? As the socket of these lights is slightly smaller than that of the ceiling lights, you will need blue E14 bulbs. This LED bulbs model is equipped with a smaller cheek, making 14 millimeters in diameter. THE Blue to cheek bulbs E14 generally serve as bedside light and light garlands. They are easily recognizable by their size resolutely smaller than the blue E27 bulbs.

    The blue bulb GU10

    The Siluma lighting catalog provides you with all the blue bulbs you need depending on the type of socket you have at home. For your GU10 or GZ10 type sockets, we offer you our Blue LED bulbs at GU10. This model is distinguished by the type of cheek which is equipped. The GU10 base is a universal cheek with two pin. The GU10 LED bulbs are common use, both in commercial and domestic lighting, provided you have compatible sockets.

    B22 blue bulb

    Do you live an old accommodation whose electrical installation has not yet been renovated? There is a good chance that your interior will still be equipped with old B22 type sockets. This type of socket has ample mode and no longer corresponds to current standards in terms of lighting installation. Failing to go to models of more recent sockets (E27 or E14), it is quite possible for you to keep this installation andBuy suitable blue LED bulbs. Silumen offers you, to do this, Blue LED bulbs B22. This base has two side pins which are clipped into a movement in the compatible socket.

    The connected blue bulb


    Because the current trend is on the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), blue LED bulbs are also available in connected versions to complete your smart home. THE Connected blue LED bulbs models You open the door for possibilities in terms of use and personalization of lighting. Order blue LED bulbs Connected allows you to benefit from several lighting light colors in addition to the blue color! In addition, they are available under different types of cheek, from E14 to E27, including GU10 and B22, according to your needs.

    The installation of the LED blue bulb

    Buying ultra-trendy blue LED bulbs is the first step in your interior lighting makeover. Indeed, you still have to install the bulbs to enjoy their quality lighting. Starting from the principle that the sockets are already in place in the room to light, you just have to:

    • Temporarily cut the arrival of the current in the part concerned;
    • Unscrew (for screw panties) or declip (for pins) the old bulb to replace;
    • Put the cheek of the blue LED bulb in the socket (screw for the bulbs E14 and E27, embed for the GU10 bulbs, push and clip for B22 bulbs);
    • Restore the current and test the functionality of the blue bulb thus installed.

    Blue LED bulbs have the advantage of being able to settle in different living rooms. The choice comes back to you freely.

    Blue LED bulbs throughout the house

    To simplify your layout, Silumen offers you A pack of 10 connected blue LED bulbs, enough to light, embellish and harmonize the decor of the whole house in a single click on your smartphone.

    The blue LED bulb in the office

    The blue lighting is perfectly suited as a luminaire in an office thanks to the virtues of this color. Installing a blue LED bulb to light up your workspace will in particular allow you to stay focused and boost your energy by keeping you well awake.

     The blue LED bulb in a store

    Bring an original touch to the lighting of your shop by opting for a blue LED bulb.