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    Do you want to add a warm atmosphere to your outdoor space? Opt for our collection ofexterior wall lights. Order your white outdoor wall lamp now To bring a touch of sparkle to your courtyard or terrace. With their white color, symbol of purity, elegance and luxury, our wall lights are essential decorative elements. Each article we offer has a unique design that will certainly add character to your outdoor space. You can choose from our models ranging from the most classic to the most modern, from IP44 protection index to IP65, proof of their sealing. And if you still want to improve the lighting of your exterior, our collection of'gray walls and D'LED detector LEAs On Silumen.com will be a perfect choice for you.

    19 products
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    Order your white outdoor walls for quality lighting

    In the constitution or improvement of its external lighting, it is essential to meticulously choose your lights because they are among the essential elements for successful lighting. The white exterior applions of our selection were designed to bring elegance and a certain charm to your outdoor spaces in a minimalist and refined style. By having them at home, you can deliver yourself to enjoy effective and efficient lighting, but also the aesthetic added value brought to your garden.

    White outdoor wall lights: effective lighting for your spaces

    The first function of our White wall lights is to light your garden, courtyard, terrace or balcony with decorative but above all efficient light sources. Indeed, they are powerful and generate a light intensity Largely sufficient for your exterior to be illuminated with brilliance. It can reach 100 lm/W for the3W white square wall light For example.

    Being intended to be installed on your facades, walls or any other vertical support, the powerful light beams of our exterior wall lights will light up your spaces perfectly. As long as to do, bet on reliable and effective lights by providing them with Silumen.

    Multiple reasons that justify the choice of our white exterior walls

    White designer and trendy outdoor walls

    White outdoor wall lights From our selection have been designed to embellish your space with great charm. Indeed, we have specially chosen for you, designer and trendy outdoor exterior sconces whose finishes are particularly fine and neat to guarantee maximum elegance.

    In addition, the choice of white color in their design is not trivial because allows your sconces to integrate into any space. You will undoubtedly fall for theLED wall wall light in the shape of a 8W ​​porthole Easily set up on the wall but also for the sumptuous White oval wall light LED IP54 adjustable Made in a Scandinavian style. Do not delay making your choice!

    Protection guaranteed by the IP44

    Many White wall lights From our collection benefit from the IP44 standard protecting them from solid bodies greater than 1mm and small projections of water from any direction. You can therefore count on their robustness and their ability to last over time. In addition, the IP44 corresponds to an adapted outdoor covered use.

    Note that the IP44 certified items are not waterproof and cannot withstand rain. Among our sconces protected by IP 44, discover our magnificent LED wall lamp with 2x3w IP44 double beam whose whaou effect created will be true.

    IP65 protection for optimal outdoor use

    Among our wide range of Best white outdoor walls, sconces certified by the IP65 protection index are available in order to facilitate everyday life and optimize their use. Indeed, the IP 65 guarantees the tightness of your product to dust and water projections. Thus, you can use them without problem on any uncovered space because they are resisting any type of hazard.

    Discover our waterproof exterior items like the20W white LED wall lamp IP65 And otherwise illuminate your outdoor spaces. To deepen on the protection indices, we suggest you discover our guide: what protection index for which space?

    Double bundle white exterior sconces for a breathtaking aesthetic effect

    Among our selection of white outdoor sconces, you will fall for those that generate a double light beam and whose aesthetic rendering is exceptional! In effect, Double luminous white outdoor outdoor walls Work thanks to the use of two bulbs on both ends of the luminaire. This contemporary style while remaining elegant will bring a particularly pleasant density to your spaces.

    In addition, they generate a very satisfactory light intensity as is the case for theIP44 LED wall light with double white bundle generating a light intensity of 600lm for only 6W of total power. The double -bundle white wall lights from our collection therefore have an outstanding decorative character, but also of a real practical utility.

    Power levels as diverse as they are varied to satisfy you as well as possible

    According to your most specific needs, many levels of powers are available among our many Cheap white outdoor walls. Indeed, depending on the available models, they vary from 3W to more than 20W for the most efficient as theWall LED Wall LED 20W White Round Hublot .

    However, all our white walls outdoor walls will make you enjoy powerful and efficient lighting that will perfectly highlight your spaces. In addition, they are particularly practical because it works without any problem under a domestic tension of 220V.

    In what places to install your outdoor white wall lights?

    On your terrace to amplify its look

    To prevent your terrace from being monotonous, even inert, it is essential to incorporate decoration elements for outside. It is in this context that come Our best white LED exterior walls whose decorative effect will be splendid to light it with charm and modernity. Indeed, they can be arranged on a pillar or directly on the wall adjoining your terrace. Simply make sure that they are strategically arranged to illuminate the space optimally.

    For more volume and to constitute homogeneous lighting, we advise you to arrange them in number. At Silumen, some articles are available in lots like theLED Wall LED 20W square white (pack of 10) For example. Don't wait any longer to please yourself.

    So that the entrance to your house is sublime

    Our LED white wall lights Bring an exceptional charm to your spaces, starting with the entrance to your home. In addition to enlightening it efficiently, they bring it a real decorative aspect. To dress the entrance to your house, we suggest you opt for theoval -oriented white wall light For a different Scandinavian and minimalist style from others. Let yourself be tempted by the wall lights of our collection and do not delay making your purchase.

    To elegantly dress your facade

    THE Best exterior white LED walls are available in our selection and perfectly fulfill their function so that your home, be your interior or exterior, are completely to your liking. No matter how they are arranged and decorated, white wall lights find it without any particular problem. Indeed, they are discreetly integrated into your spaces and bring no superfluous, on the contrary. For your facades, we recommend theWhite wall lamp for 2 GU10 bulbs.

    To decorate your garage

    Like any room or space in your home, the garage decoration also counts. For practical and aesthetic reasons, some of Our white LED wall lights are suitable for your garage. You will nevertheless need sconces with sufficient light power that will allow you to easily find yourself by guarding or moving your vehicle. To do this, we recommend the White outdoor wall lantern for E27 bulb for the entry of courage and theWhite adjustable wall light for GU10 bulb Inside so that you are easy to enlighten the most appropriate area. Practical and decorative, get your lights as soon as possible and enjoy all the advantages.

    How are the outdoor white LED wall lights so easy to install?

    You don't have to be a great DIY enthusiast to know installed with ease Outdoor white LED wall lights of our selection. First, know that whatever the model, they all work under a domestic tension of 220V. Then, to install them on your protruding wall, position the ankles in the hole and insert them thanks to the use of a hammer. Then present the wall lamp and pass the electric wires on the wall in the hole provided for this purpose. Finally, simply fix it with the screws and make sure that the connections are well done. You just have to check your facilities and take full advantage of it.

    At Silumen, we are keen to offer you only the best because your satisfaction counts for us.