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    A sweet show of lights, stars and music! All the magic of a starry night is revealed in these night lights rotating projection. Their particularity? THE LED night lights have several projection films to choose from and various lighting modes. Perfect for lulling your child, the Bealer Projection turn 360 ° and project stars of a thousand colors. THE Modern rotating night lights are even equipped with a Bluetooth functionality with pretty musical notes. Silumen also offers Baby Baby Baby Lightningss With a USB cable already included. From different sizes and styles, discover the connected night lights and silicone night lights for adults and young. At Silumen, any purchase of night lights rotating projection gives you a 2 -year warranty on each product.

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    Our advice on choosing and purchasing a night light rotating projection:

    The night lights are a type of light that is most often installed in children's rooms to incorporate a light landmark. Indeed, their sweet light is used to comfort the little ones, avoiding making them sleep in a too dark room. They exist in several forms and several colors, such as Breakers projection which broadcast images on the walls and the ceiling. For even more magic, Offer a night light rotary projection to your little ones. The latter gives life to the decor of their room while dressing it thanks to their dim light. Discover the different models of cheap rotating night lights offered by Silumen, which will not fail to please your children!

    What is a Rotary projection night light ?

    The Siluma rotating projection night lights are small light and baby room lights. They have the same function as all night light, that is to say bring a little light in the room to allow children to sleep better. Their first peculiarity is at the level of the light they diffuse. As their name suggests, they project light images to dress your little ones' room with originality. You can find several patterns such as stars, planets and rockets to amuse your little bit before sleeping it.

    The second Particularity of the night lights 360 ° projection is the possibility of moving your projection. All models have a button that allows you to activate a 360 ° rotation of the patterns projected on your walls. Indeed, these are the best night lights projection rotating to install a magical atmosphere in your children's room!

    What are the models of rotating night lights Available on Siluma?

    The Star Projector Projector Turn For Baby 360 °

    To be able to enjoy several light colors and thousands of stars, we advise you to buy a Baby Rotary Projection Bedroom. It has indeed blue, green and red light next to its standard white warm lighting, and you can activate them at the same time to create combinations of two and three colors. You can also opt for white stars, which are perfect for rocking your child and helping him find sleep. This Cheap rotating projection is eating in two different ways, using a type B micro-USB cable (supplied) or 4 AAA batteries (not included). The dimensions of thisStar projection night light are 10 x 11 10 cm and it consists of non -toxic plastic.

    The night light rotary projection galaxy and musical

    Like the previous model, a Rotating galaxy ProjectionAllows you to enjoy several lighting colors to create several magic scenes. Being with a small cover to sift the light, this rotary night light is perfect if you want to leave it lit overnight. Keeping the small cover on this Galaxy night light, you get a very soft light and pretty patterns visible on it. Just lift the cover to enjoy its projection on your walls!

    By opting for a model of night light rotary musical projection, you have the opportunity to enjoy its adorable light stars in music. This musical night lightSend a sweet lullaby to help your child fall asleep with a relaxing calm. Several projection films are included in the box to allow you to change the images broadcast and thus vary the pleasures. If you want to control the light remotely, we recommendBuy a night light rotating projection with a remote control.

    There Rotary projection night light battery

    Silumen also offers models of Binders Projection Rotatives with batteries. This type of food is practical when you want to light a night light that runs overnight, without having to load it every day or very frequently. Just insert 3 AA type batteries (LR6) in the Binders 360 ° rotary projection with Siluma batteries, and replace them only when they are worn, in a few months. Let your child enjoy a multitude of yellow, red, blue and green stars that rotate 360 ​​°. Of dimensions 12.5 x 14.5 cm, theRotative pink projection is compact and easily finds its place in a children's room. You have the choice between a gray model and another with a pink base.

    How to install and use a rotating projection night light?

    The night lights turn Siluma are practical and easy to handle accessories. All models can be used without being connected thanks to their type of power, which gives you a wide choice as to the location of a night light rotary projection. You can place them on shelves and other furniture, on the ground, or on the bedside table, without worrying about having a sector outlet around.

    The rotating projection night lights are IP20 certified. This means that they have protection against solid bodies over 12.5 mm. However, they are not waterproof, and their use is reserved for non -wet interior spaces. They settle in a child's room or in your room if your baby sleeps by your side. The 360 ​​° night lights are decorative elements even when they are not on, and can be placed in other rooms such as the stay to have a little touch that reminds you of your child at any time. Order at Silumen, and Select LBetter night light !