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    To perfect your interior lighting and decoration, Silumen presents its range ofCeramic sconing. Our ceramic LED walls Will adapt perfectly to your interior decoration while providing a design and contemporary touch, but above all efficient LED lighting. Take advantage of the power and low energy consumption of the LED by ordering your Interior ceramic sconces On our site, at the best price. Ceramics being a particularly robust and resistant material, our Ceramic wall lights assure you satisfactory use, both by the quality and by the sustainability of these interior lights. Also remember to browse our wide range ofInterior wall lights To light up all the rooms in the house and establish a pleasant and bright atmosphere. Several types and models of wall lights are offered to you, made in various materials and various attributes such as Wooden wall lights or even Battery wall lights For example.

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    Buy a ceramic wall lamp to light and enhance your interior

    To benefit from effective and satisfactory lighting in your interior spaces, the choice of your lights is crucial. Not only having the role of lighting your room, they also help to decorate it so that it becomes warmer and welcoming. If you are looking for a luminaire capable of perfectioning its enlightening and decorative function, Opt for a ceramic wall lamp. It will perfectly accommodate all styles by highlighting the part in which it is installed.

    The ceramic wall light: a certain asset for chic and efficient lighting

    I'Inner wall light is your lighting solution for a modern and stylish space. This light lamp to fix a pleasant light to the diffuse wall to bring warmth to your interior. Take a look at our site and discover our selection of ceramic sconces and choose from our many models, the one that suits you.

    To enhance your interior decor, rejoice to acquire our inexpensive ceramics. Meticulously designed with an authentic look, they will find their place in any room in your home.

    What are the advantages of a ceramic wall lamp?

    An ultra modern wall lamp to enhance your interior decoration

    In addition to the quality of its light, an interior ceramic wall lamp is a safe bet for your decoration. Indeed, it allows you to accentuate your decor and highlight the objects found there. The design of the ceramic sconces of our selection was carefully studied to adapt to all styles and be in harmony with any type of decor. Find in particular in our splendid Rectangle ceramic wall light for E27 bulb An undeniable way to embellish your living room.

    A wall light compatible with an E27 bulb

    Ceramic wall lightsAvailable in this range are designed to be equipped with an E27 bulb. This type of bulb with a 27mm diameter screw base is one of the most common bulbs on the market. In domestic lighting, it is found on the majority of the lights. You will therefore have no difficulty finding the bulb that is suitable for your wall lamp.

    The E27 bulbs are presented in different forms, sizes, styles or technologies. At Silumen, you can bring yourselfE27 LED bulbs, the LED standing out for its energy saving and its ability to produce a lighting of a light intensity superior and with exceptional yield.

    A very high resistance ceramic wall lamp

    Made of ceramic - a solid and natural material -, Our best ceramic wall lights are guaranteed for 2 years and with a protection sign IP20 which ensures their interior protection. Resistant and robust, they are adorned with a beautiful finish to offer a most attractive aesthetic rendering of which you will benefit in a lasting way. Yes, our wall lamp ensures amazing longevity.

    Where to install your ceramic wall lamp?

    In the living room to enhance the lighting

    THE ceramic sconing Describe themselves as real works of art that greatly participate in the stamp of the living room. Whether they are intended to perfectly illuminate the entire part, to underline elements of decoration or to set up a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, the ceramic wall lights adapt to all situations.

    To give relief to the decor of your corridor

    Easy to install, our better ceramic wall light will be perfect in a passage area such as the corridor. It easily illuminates the entire space even if it is all in the length. You can very well align your sconces at regular intervals for better diffusion of light, but also to elegantly dress the entire wall.

    In a bedroom like a bedside lamp

    That can be installed on both sides of the bed, Ceramic wall lights are perfectly able to replace your old bedside lamps. Equipped with bulbs producing soft light, they constitute an extra lighting ideal for accompanying your reading sessions.

    In the entrance hall for a warm welcome from your guests

    Our ceramic wall lights respond to a particular design style that allows them to agree with the lighting of a house entrance. Used as a localized light source, the soft and dim light of our sconces helps give a welcoming and warm character to your entrance hall. Without forgetting their practical side, because they also help you find your keys when you come back or identify the face of the people who visit you.

    In the dining room to accompany your friendly moments

    The lighting of your dining room must be warm enough to make your guests comfortable and offer appropriate visibility for your family meals. In addition to the ceiling lamp located above your dining table, Buy ceramic sconces which will establish a friendly atmosphere in the room.