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    Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful? Silumen has selected you a wide range of LED mirrors for your satisfaction. Our Hollywood mirrors are very easy to move by their small size, thanks to their economical LED bulbs, you will get a clear and clear reflection of your face. Put on your dresser, in your bathroom or in your bedroom, our Hollywood mirrors are essential elements for your daily life. Also browse our range of Rectangular LED mirrors and our Light round mirrors. You are satisfied or refunded within a 14 -day withdrawal period.

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    Install a Hollywood mirror in your interior to enhance your decor and improve your daily life

    There are a thousand and one ways to decorate your interior. But even if it means doing it, you might as well choose your decorative pieces to intelligently so that they also serve something and bring real added value to your daily comfort.

    Count on our best Hollywood mirrors To satisfy you on all fronts. Selected for fans of Hollywood Regency decor, they will create a waouh effect in your interior while making you enjoy the practical and functional advantages of the mirror. So don't wait any longer and order your Hollywood mirror online at the best price. You will undoubtedly find what you need in this category.

    The LED mirror: a useful and practical accessory to equip your home

    Indispensable for good interior design, the presence of at least one mirror in your home is crucial. And the more there are, the better. At Silumen, we have a wide range of mirrors with different dimensions, functions and designs to best adapt to the use you make of it. Let yourself be tempted by our LED mirrors: 2-in-1 accessories that combine the mirror with LED bulbs. These mirrors have been designed to provide additional lighting, useful for better quality of the reflection returned but also for better general brightness of the room.

    In this selection, we offer you Several models of Hollywood LED mirrors Facts to satisfy both your practical needs and your luxury desires. This type of mirror allows you to attach the useful to the pleasant for a completely interior design in your image.

    Why adopt a Hollywood mirror?

    The Hollywood Regency style for a character decoration

    Buy a Hollywood Siluman mirror It is daring to transcend its interior decoration. Inspired by the Hollywood Regency style which is characterized by luxury and glamor specific to the golden age of Hollywood, the mirrors of this collection will create this same effect in your home. Fortunately, at Silumen, this eccentricity was expressed in a more modern way, with stylish mirrors decorated with beautiful LED bulbs, ideal for enhance your decor.

    Through a single accessory, you are able to transform the general atmosphere of your hairdresser so that each time you ask yourself the time for a beauty, you felt like a real film star. Casually, this accessory will help get you happy in the little things in life such as preparing in the morning or getting fooled when returning in the evening.

    The mirror: a real asset for your interior

    The main element constituting the accessories offered in this selection is obviously the mirror. This object whose usefulness is no longer to prove will benefit you from its multiple assets. First, he refers by reflection, a faithful image of people or objects that are presented before him. Also, by reflecting light, it helps to better distribute natural lighting and optimize the brightness of a room while giving it depth.

    You will understand, the acquisition of a cheap Hollywood mirror Silumen will be profitable for both practical and aesthetic. Opt in particular for our model of Hollywood luminous mirror to be installed with 6 bulbs, to integrate into any room in the house so as to make it more functional and also more beautiful.

    LED technology for optimal lighting

    By installing a Hollywood LED mirror at home, you also benefit from the countless advantages of LED. LED bulbs integrated into Stars mirrors From this collection will make all the difference in your interior. Indeed, the ability of these mirrors to produce light has a direct impact on your comfort, but also on the decor of your dressing table.

    You should know that the LED lighting performance surpasses any other means of lighting. Her light intensity Very high considerably increases visibility at your hairdresser table, and impact directly the quality of the reflection returned by your mirror. In addition, the LED bulbs are very inexpensive; They provide additional lighting that is very effective in your room without exploding your energy consumption.

    A practical accessory and easy to install

    This range is made up of Different Hollywood mirrors to put Designed to make your life easier. Always with a view to satisfying you, we have selected practical and very easy to install models that can be used upon receipt. No need for specific accessories or DIY skills to install a Hollywood mirror for Silumen hairdresser. Just place it on a flat surface such as a dressing table, a shelf, an office, etc. and voila !

    The basis of your mirror has been designed to support the weight of the latter without problem, and ensure its stability. In addition, the mirrors offered in this category are light enough to lend themselves to all uses. They can be moved as you wish and perform their function, even when you are on the move.

    A mirror that adapts perfectly to your position

    Find in this catalog of Hollywood swiveling mirrors. This detail is particularly significant and counts for many in optimizing your comfort. Describing yourself as a mechanism allowing the mirror to adapt its inclination to your needs, the swivel nature of our Hollywood mirrors will be of great help.

    Instead of leaning on all sides to have access to this or that area of ​​your face, especially to style or make up, you just have to tilt your mirror so that it focuses on the area in question. In this way, you will no longer have to wiggle and put yourself in all kinds of uncomfortable positions to perfect your look, the Hollywood Silumen mirror will do it for you.

    A quality object intended for satisfactory and sustainable use

    The cheap Hollywood mirror from Silumen works with batteries. It therefore does not need to be connected to the sector to work and does not impact your consumption of electricity. Thus, unlike a sector operating in the mains, it does not generate additional expenses.

    In addition, all models of Hollywood LED mirrors we have are qualitative and durable. They are made in quality, resistant and durable materials, and guaranteed for 2 years. Also, their protection sign IP20 provides them with completely safe indoor use.

    Where to install your Hollywood mirror to transcend your interior decor?

    On your dressing table

    The mirror to be installed is a must of the dressing table. To accompany you in making your hairstyle for the day or to ensure the success of your make-up, The Hollywood mirror for hairdresser is the object you need in order to best equip your beauty corner. He will create a special atmosphere there that will play in favor of your well-being and allow you to start the day well.

    In the bathroom

    Dedicated to a toilet and well-being, the bathroom is a flagship room in your house. It deserves to be properly arranged so that you feel good and be able to take time for yourself. Install a star mirror in your bathroom In addition to your large mirror in order to give relief to its decor. It is all the more useful because it can offer you a more reflection focused on your face which will help you greatly on a daily basis.

    In a living room

    The Hollywood LED mirror can also be used for purely decorative use. Placed in your living room, dining room or bedroom, it will add a touch of luxury and opulence, specific to Hollywood Regency style. Perfect for giving glamor and originality to your decor, this type of LED mirror, thanks to its integrated bulbs, will also help to establish a dramatic atmosphere.

    On your desktop

    The mirror also has its place on a desk. Positioned in front of you, it allows you to check your appearance before an appointment and make small touch-ups very easily and without having to move. Buy a Hollywood mirror to put To dress your office table. Keep your Hollywood tactile led mirror Turn off during the day because its bling-bling side might seem inappropriate and light it with a simple finger touch, only if necessary to gain visibility.