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    Illuminate your garden, your alley or your terrace with the exterior LED tags offered by Silumen! They are a practical and elegant way to add light and safety to your outdoor space and are equipped with high quality LEDs for maximum brightness and sustainability. They are also bad weather, for outdoor use all year round. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to find the LED tag perfect for your outdoor space. Siluma's external LED beacons are also very easy to install. With their elegant design and simple installation, LED tags can be installed in a few minutes for instant outdoor lighting. In addition to their lighting function, external LED beacons can also add a touch of style and modernity to your outdoor space. Our range of LED tags includes elegant and contemporary designs to meet all tastes and preferences. By choosing the tags Singeynot, you buy high quality, durable and reliable products. In short, the external LED beacons offered by Silumen are the ideal choice to add light and safety to your outdoor space while adding a touch of style and modernity. Discover our full range of LED beacons now and transform your outdoor space into an oasis of light and style, you can be sure to find the quality product that will meet your expectations for example LED exterior spots or theExterior wall lights.

    14 products
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    Outdoor LED tags: a design solution for your outdoor lighting

    THE LED beacons are small and economical lighting solutions, ideal for helping you and your guests to guide you. They exist in several forms and settle in the corridors, on the walls or the stairs to enhance them. Tags are also decorative elements that can be used to enhance your decoration; These are practical and very trendy accessories that you can find at Silumen. Choose outdoor LED tags to decorate your garden with soft lights and to attract attention to your most beautiful decorative elements.

    Why opt for outdoor LED beacons?

    To allow you to install modern lights in your courtyard or any outdoor space, Silumen offers you its selection of Outdoor LED beacons. They are characterized by their small size and their minimalist appearance which adapts easily to any style of outdoor decoration. LED garden tags produce both practical and aesthetic lighting, because they guide you while beautifying your facades. They bring a warm touch to your spaces and attract the eye if you want to enhance specific elements of your outdoor decoration such as plants. The external tags also settle on the side or on the steps of your stairs to accentuate the relief created by the latter. They are versatile and can be placed in several ways, according to your needs and preferences. Buy outdoor LED tags Silumen to illuminate your courtyard and give it a neat appearance.

    What are the advantages of an outdoor LED tag?

    Install outdoor tags At home will allow you to highlight places such as paths and entrances to your garden to allow you to find yourself easier when it is dark. Also take advantage of the advantages of LED technology when you get Silumen tags. The latter gives you the opportunity to enjoy effective lighting for several hours and even overnight, without damaging your lighting. External LED beacons are also very economical, with a light intensity between 2 and 3 watts. Depending on the model you choose, you get different lighting angles: opt for a limited angle of 55 ° to draw attention to your decorative elements and choose a 120 ° outdoor tag to obtain uniform lighting. Discreet, sober and waterproof, LED garden tags have everything to please!

    Outdoor LED tags: for discreet lighting

    If you are looking for a discreet outdoor lighting solution, remember to get LED tags for Silumen garden. This type of lighting has its particularity its small size, allowing you to install it discreetly in a place that you want to light up. You can also choose to install some outdoor LED tags in your courtyard if you already have other light sources such as spots or projectors. They are perfect for bringing a soft bright touch to your spaces without illuminating them too much and exposing your eyes to a too intense light. Another use of exterior LED beacons is said to be as a room light on a terrace or a balcony. Thanks to its small size and minimalist and discreet design, a Garden led tag Can be installed on the bottom of a wall or a facade to obtain unnsless lighting. Buy outdoor LED tags to finalize the minimalist and modern decor of your spaces.

    The color of LED tags for Siluma garden: black or white

    Silumen chose sober and discreet colors for its selection of LED tags for garden. Their design and colors have been specially chosen to adapt to any style of decoration, regardless of its color palette. Thus, each Silumen outdoor tag model is available in black or white, to choose according to your preferences.

    If you prefer that your tags remain discreet, install white models on light surfaces and opt for black variations for dark colors. For example, if the staircase in your garden is beige and you want to illuminate it discreetly to guide your guests, install some LED White LED beacons. If you want to introduce a little light behind your home and your facade is painted in dark gray, favor them Black outdoor tags. If on the contrary your objective is to obtain a pleasant contrast between your tags and the surface on which it is installed, choose a black model for a light wall and Vis Versa.

    The shape of the exterior LED beacons: round, square or rectangle

    To offer you more choices and help you make all your outdoor decor ideas, LED beacons for Siluma garden are available in three different forms. Make the choice between the round, square or rectangles models which will, each in their own way, embellish your outdoor spaces. If you have opted for rounded LED beacons In your garden and want to add a little more light while staying in the theme, Silumen offers models of round tags. They improve the general appearance of your spaces and can be the final touch you need to succeed in a matching and harmonious outdoor decoration to the smallest details. THE Square LED beacons are good choices if you prefer a minimalist and modern style decor. THE Rectangle LED beacons Combine particularly well with the stairs and can settle directly on the steps of these thanks to their small size.

    Siluma garden LED beacons are waterproof

    Any lighting solution installed outdoors must be waterproof to guarantee its proper functioning and safety of any user. They are subject to wet and dusty conditions which require IP44 certification at least. I'protection sign IP44 guarantees protection against all solid body of more than 1 millimeter and water projections from all directions. An outdoor LED tag with this protection can be installed outdoors, and preferably in a covered space such as a terrace or a patio. In case of light rain, the IP44 tag does not run any risk and works perfectly. If you want to install LED garden tags in places whose risk of exposure to water is important, Silumen offers IP65 certified models. This certification is necessary for any unwanted outdoor luminaire, as it guarantees maximum protection against dust and rainy conditions. Buy outdoor LED tags from Silumen to light your garden safely!

    Where to install your outdoor LED beacons?

    LED beacons are an ideal choice if you want to redo your exterior lighting. You can place them along the walls adjacent to the latter to illuminate its steps. Thanks to their small format, you can also arrange the Silumen outer tags directly on the countermarkets. If you want to highlight specific elements such as plants from your garden, you can mark them by introducing a small light source with the lighting color temperature that you desire. You can do the same for your entry and place one or two LED tags for garden to enhance it. Outdoor LED beacons also act as a room lighting thanks to their soft warm light, and can settle on a covered terrace. You can place them at the feet of the balustrade or at the pillars, and enjoy their light during your evenings with friends.

    How to install exterior LED tags?

    Silumen offers several protruding LED tags. These are common because they are easy to install. The protruding tags attach directly to its predefined location (vertical surface such as a low wall or a facade) thanks to the screws and ankles provided. The built -in LED tags have a more complex installation, but allow you to prevent their structure from exceeding the wall. For each tag to install, a touch of embedding is necessary. It allows you to house the luminaire which will be largely masked for a more discreet result. Before installing your LED tags for garden, please make sure that the circuit is out of course. For a better result, it is also important to precisely determine the spacing between each tag: you will get a careful decoration and qualitative lighting. Once the installation of your outdoor tags is installed, you can put the current and test your lighting.