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    Subtle mixture of atmosphere and colors, the LED ceiling lights illuminate your interior. LED ceiling lights variable or dimmable intensity offer unique interior lighting, personalized according to your desires. THE LED ceiling light Provides various lighting and intensity modes, some models are controlled remotely via Wi-Fi or by remote control. Simple, modern and effective, it is you who decide the ideal living room ceiling light. Discover for example the Round LED ceiling lights at variable temperature and RGB LED ceiling lights connected At Silumen. Your design living room ceiling light is available in several styles: modern, classic or colorful. Order your LED Dimmable ceiling light with fast delivery, one click on Silumen.com.

    8 products
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    Order Dimmable LED ceiling lights at Silumen for successful lighting and interior decoration

    The implementation of lighting is a crucial step in interior design. Indeed, the lighting exercises a considerable functional role, but also plays on the comfort provided by a space as well as on its decor. For successful lighting and interior decoration, bet on luminaires of choice such as our Dimmable ceiling lights. Designed to dress your ceiling while illuminating any type of space, the various and varied models of dimmable ceiling lights composing this category will not fail to satisfy you. It's up to you to choose your favorite ceiling lamp from the list we submit to you. You will undoubtedly find the rare pearl that will make all the difference in your home.

    LED ceiling light: essential for your interior design

    No one can do without lighting, today necessary for our daily comfort, our security, the realization of our daily and professional activities, and many other areas of our life. Also, it is essential to set up efficient and practical lighting devices to optimize the layout of your interior. For this, Silumen offers you a whole range of LED ceiling lights Having proven themselves by their efficiency, their practicality and their impeccable aesthetics. Opt for a Siluman LED ceiling light to effectively light your interior spaces, you will not be disappointed!

    Find The best LED ceiling lights Dimmables At Silumen. These lights whose light is customizable will allow you to illuminate a room according to your needs as well as the desired rendering. It’s a great way to give style to your interior without breaking the bank.

    What are the advantages of LED Dimmables Siluman ceiling lights?

    LED technology for optimal lighting of your spaces

    Benefiting from the advantages of LED technology, the ceiling lights of this selection offer you lighting of unparalleled efficiency and high -performance light. Indeed, LED lighting means are characterized by their ability to produce a very high intensity light by consuming little energy. For example, producing 90lm/W lighting, our Round LED ceiling lamp at variable temperature of 36W is much more efficient and economical than any other type of lamp. So don't hesitate, Buy a LED Dimmable ceiling light At Silumen to equip your interior in the best way.

    The Dimmable function for personalized lighting

    Our LED ceiling lights with variable intensity are distinguished by their compatibility with a drive. In this way, their light intensity can be modified depending on the time and the lighting need. This function has several advantages: first of all that of adapting with precision to your expectations in terms of the brightness of the room and, at the same time to adapt your electricity consumption to the use of your luminaire. So, if you lower the light intensity of your ceiling lamp, its electricity consumption is instantly decreasing. And it is only when you adjust it as much as possible that its consumption is maximum.

    Models of ceiling lights with remote control for the use of the most practical

    To make your life easier, some Silumen Dimmable ceiling lights have a suitable remote control. The latter will allow you to easily access the features of your luminaire, even from a distance. You will therefore no longer need to get up and reach the wall switch to control your ceiling lamp. Get our without delay our Round LED ceiling light with remote control To benefit from optimal interior lighting and very easy to control. This kind of Remote control ceiling light Customizable and practical will considerably improve your daily life as well as the comfort of your home.

    A protection index adapted to indoor use

    Before choosing a device, it is important to know your level of protection in the face of potential projections and the penetration of solid and liquid bodies of all kinds. This is expressed through theprotection sign. LED Dimmables Pas Cher Siluma have a protection index between the IP20 and the IP44, which ensures them very safe domestic use. You will be able to handle them without fear of damaging them. However, to preserve your ceiling lights, make sure they are not exposed to an excess of humidity.

    Quality ceiling lights intended to serve you permanently

    At Silumen, we have the best items for lighting and decoration. In addition to being ultra effective, practical and functional, the dimmable ceiling lights offered on our site are characterized by exceptional quality, ensuring them satisfactory and durable use. The materials requested at the time of their manufacture were selected for their unstoppable resistance and robustness. Buy smart by opting for useful, decorative and durable accessories such as our variable intensity LED ceiling lights. They will avoid many maintenance and replacement expenses.

    Easy to use and maintenance lights

    If the use of dimmable luminaires may seem complicated, this is not the case with LED Silumable Ceiling lights. To operate them, simply connect them to a suitable light drive. As for their maintenance, a slight regular dusting is enough. The acquisition of a cheap LED Dimmable LED ceiling light will considerably make your life easier.

    What are the different types of dimmable ceiling lights available at Silumen?

    LED ceiling lights with variable light

    In this selection, find Several ceiling lights with quality variable light exceptional. By connecting them to a suitable drive, you are able to easily vary thelight intensity To meet your expectations precisely. OUR 60W square LED ceiling light with variable light is perfect for making you enjoy satisfactory lighting in every way (practical, functional and decorative). Its square shape and dimensions have the advantage of adapting to any room in the house. It is the ideal luminaire for main and/or successful atmosphere.

    Variable temperature ceiling lights

    Personalize your interior lighting by installing a LED ceiling lamp at variable temperature Silumen. As its name suggests, this type of ceiling lamp is distinguished by its ability to produce lighting whose temperature is variable. Concretely, our model of LED ceiling light with 40W white variable light can go from hot white to cold white in the blink of an eye. Indeed, its lighting color Variable between 3000k and 6000k, which allows you to play both its brightness and its color. Favor warm white and low light to establish a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your room for example, and choose neutral white for effective general lighting.

    RGBW dimmable ceiling lights

    Some of our LED dimmable ceiling lights with remote control have the RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) function. A single ceiling light can diffuse white lighting at variable or colored temperature according to your needs. In this way, it is particularly interesting to use it for your daily lighting, but also in room lighting during festive evenings or simply to impress young and old. Fall for our RGBW connected LED ceiling light; It will allow you to personalize your lighting and adapt it to your desires of the moment. You will not tire of using it for all occasions.

    Connected LED ceiling lights

    Take advantage of the incomparable practicality of our LEDs LED Connected Dimmables To bring your interior lighting to a higher row. Indeed, they combine the high performance of the LED and the advantages of home automation to optimize your interior lighting. Count on our 40 cm wifi LED ceiling lamp To provide any room from the house from an efficient and versatile lighting solution. Its lighting is customizable as desired. To have access to all its features, you can use the remote control provided with your ceiling lamp, or connect to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and download the Tuya Smart application.

    How to install your LED ceiling lamp with variable intensity?

    As with any other light, to carry out The installation of a variable LED ceiling lamp You must first cut the power supply to the circuit breaker. Its proper installation does not differ from that of a lambda ceiling lamp. The only difference lies in the fact that an LED drive enters the power circuit. It is this drive that will then allow the personalization of the brightness produced by the ceiling lamp. Simply follow the instructions given by taking care to comply with the standards in force concerning electrical standards. You will understand, just nothing to enhance and light up your interior.