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    Are you looking for an economical way to enlighten your home? Opt today for our Filament LED bulbs. A Filament bulb E14 will allow you to add a warm and vintage look to your home. With a Crifle E14, this luminaire is considered to be a standard bulb, because it goes perfectly well with all E14 sockets. That you wanted to illuminate a room using a table lamp or that you want to light your living room, the’Filament bulb E14 is what you need. Equipped with LED technology, it will allow you to save major energy consumption of the month. In addition, at Silumen.com, we offer quality equipment. So all our E27 bulbs and our LED design bulbs will meet all your needs.

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    Choose the E14 filament LED bulbs from Silumen to light and decorate your spaces

    To succeed in the development of a space, it is important to succeed in lighting. To do this, choose light fixtures and bulbs that are both efficient and trendy that will give cachet to your decor. Inspired by the classic EDison incandescent lamps, the filament LED bulbs are perfect for illuminating all types of space. Find the best E14 filament bulbs on our site To perfect your lighting installation. These stylish bulbs easily integrate into your lights with an E14 socket and will bring a certain charm to your decor.

    The filament bulb: a trendy accessory for an original light decoration

    Known of all by its particular aesthetic, the filament bulb has the gift of bringing a vintage and authentic touch to your lighting. Beautiful, but also very energy -consuming, the incandescent bulb is no longer an interesting lighting solution. Fortunately, there is an LED version of this type of lamp today. The latter will allow you to effectively illuminate your spaces at a lower cost while enjoying the nice rendering offered by the interior filament of your bulb. Discover our range ofFilament LED bulbs To succeed for sure your lighting.

    Bet on the practicality of Our filament bulbs E14 To equip your lights. Equipped with a 14mm diameter screw cheek, these bulbs will not find their place in your home.

    The many advantages of our E14 filament bulb

    A design thought to embellish your spaces

    The E14 bulb with filament is distinguished by its particular and charming design. Indeed, it perfectly imitates the appearance of the traditional incandescent bulb which, although it is very beautiful, turns out to be expensive compared to its consumption of electricity. The E14 LED filament bulb is thus the ideal alternative to replace the latter. Existing in several models, from the most classic to the most original, the E14 filament bulb adapts to your style for authentic decorative lighting.

    LED technology for guaranteed light efficiency

    One of the major assets of the E14 LED bulb in Filament From Silumen, it is its unparalleled light efficiency. Indeed, using LED technology, this type of bulb produces very high intensity lighting for particularly low energy consumption. For example, our E14 bulb with 6W G45 filament Produces a light of 600lm, or a light yield of 100LM/W. This high luminous efficiency of almost 10 times higher than a classic incandescent lamp will be beneficial to you on all levels.

    Unit bulbs or packs to adapt to your needs

    In order to best adapt to your needs, Silumen has planned several kinds of E14 filament bulbs available per unit or in packs. These are notably useful if you plan to equip a chandelier or more lights at the same time. OUR 5 -4 flame bulbs pack E14 is ideal for this type of use. In addition, we strongly advise you to carry out a "LED release" to fully benefit from the practical and decorative advantages of the LED. Buy one or more of our E14 bulbs in Filament For effective, practical and easy to set up lighting.

    Different lighting colors possible

    By getting An E14 LED bulb with Silumin Filament, you benefit from the possibility of choosing the color of your lighting. This choice can be conditioned by your personal tastes but also by the function provided for lighting your room. Favor the neutral white color for the general lighting of a living room such as the living room or the dining room. Hot white is more suitable for a bedroom that requires softer and more pleasant lighting. Fall down on our E14 Filament Candle bulb which produces a soft light ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere or for serving for extra lighting.

    A wide lighting angle and a homogeneous diffusion of light

    Order an E14 cheap filament bulb at Silumen To enjoy a very large lighting angle. Generally varying between 300 ° and 360 °, the wide angle of a filament bulb allows better diffusion of light. Thus, enjoy an illuminated room in a uniform and harmonious way thanks to our E14 filament bulbs such as The E14 LED 6W 360 ° bulb in the shape of a candle.

    Dimmable filament bulbs

    Some of the E14 filament bulbs models in our selection are dimmable. This means that their light intensity can be adjusted to adapt to your needs. With a E14 LED bulb with Filament Dimmable, you can easily juggle between a soft light of weak light with powerful lighting. Fully use the features of your Dimmable filament bulb E14 LED By connecting it to a suitable light drive.

    Different forms of E14 filament bulbs available

    In this selection, Several forms of filament bulbs E14 are presented to you. Whether it is the classic globe bulb or the candle bulb, all have been designed to effectively light your spaces but also to enhance your decor. Mise in particular on our E14 LED bulb with flame -shaped filament To bring a touch of originality to your chandelier for example. With its visible filament, its specific shape and its intense light, this bulb will enhance your decor without disturbing its harmony.