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    At Silumen, we work to best meet your most precise expectations and desires to decorate your interior with the best possible lights. For this, we have chosen for you a range of LED LED modules - Conversion kit compatible with our models of LED ceiling lights 36W and 50W. They have the property of producing light intensity ranging from 3600 to 4500LM And therefore to shed high and powerful lighting to your interior spaces. You will be able to enjoy ergonomic and reliable lighting while making energy savings thanks to LED technology, known more economical than conventional halogens. Thanks to our LED modules for ceiling lamp with conversion kit, also rejoice in being able to enjoy a very advantageous 120 ° lighting angle and to be able to use your LED module for ceiling lamp directly on your domestic current of 220V. Easy to install and easy to use, you can adapt them to many 36 and 50W LED ceiling lights that you can also find in our category of Design ceiling lights and even Ceiling lights with motion detector. No longer delay in browsing our selection and making your purchase!

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