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    Let yourself be tempted by a inside lighting quality by focusing on one of our LED round ceiling lights. Our LED round ceiling lights have been meticulously chosen in order to best satisfy you by allowing you to constitute a relaxing decoration at home. Take advantage of the efficiency of LED technology and save money on your energy consumption. Your wallet will thank you. Our range of Round LED ceiling lights is made up of many models ranging from those at low power to those around 60W. Among them, you will be seduced by Suspended ceiling lights rounded form which will bring a majestic character to your interior but also by our Connected round ceiling lights Or the lamps for ceiling at variable temperature. Available in many colors, you will have the privilege of being spoiled for choice. Several of our LED round ceiling lights are certified IP65 protecting them from solid bodies and humidity. To vary the pleasures, also discover our sumptuous square ceiling lights. No longer delay making your purchases and trust Silumen.

    27 products
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    Order your round LED ceiling lamp at Silumen to optimize your lighting

    A ceiling lamp is a luminaire that fixes on the ceiling to assume the main lighting function in your interior. Considered the flagship element of your ceiling, this type of LED lighting will bring not only a crazy charm to your room, but also a more than satisfactory brightness. Thanks to its dominant position, this luminaire will offer you an effective and homogeneous efficient light diffusion throughout your room.

    Succumb to the elegance of our cheap round ceiling light To promote your interior by bringing it a powerful and friendly brightness.

    A round ceiling lamp for efficient and modern lighting

    A ceiling light plays an essential role in lighting your rooms by providing them with pleasant brightness. There are certainly other methods to illuminate your parts, but by its central positioning, the ceiling light is best suited to offer you a satisfactory light rendering. Silumen offers you in its category dedicated to LED ceiling lights A wide range of models to bring a quality of light up to your expectations but also a design touch to your home.

    In order to allow you to enjoy your evenings pleasantly, Rejoice to buy a round silumen ceiling lamp. Located directly below the ceiling, it offers a performance guaranteed in terms of lighting and constitutes an effective light source to illuminate the smallest corners of your room.

    What are the characteristics of our sublime round ceiling lights?

    The use of LED technology

    All LED round ceiling lights of our selection work under LED technology and benefit from its multiple advantages. Low energy consumption is one of the main characteristics of this innovative technology. Indeed, our ceiling lights have excellent light performance while consuming less electricity. LED lighting solutions are known by their longevity, the long lifespan of our ceiling lights makes them essential for effective and reliable quality lighting.

    An indisputable decorative asset

    The round LED ceiling light from Silumen has the advantage of bringing an aesthetic touch to your interior because it allows you to dress your ceiling which is mostly empty of any interest. If you want to transform your ceiling in a blink of an eye, adorn it with one of our beautiful LED round ceiling lights. They will systematically bring a touch of charm to your interior decoration. Discover in particular the Suspended LED ceiling light 50W white round Available in our selection which is a sublime decoration element to acquire absolutely. Elegant and sober, it will easily integrate into your living room by bringing a class and modern appearance.

    Guaranteed reliability

    Several of our round LED ceiling lights benefit from a protection sign IP65 preserves them from the various climatic hazards but also shocks and all kinds of infiltration. This is the case with LED ceiling light 8W white round IP65 Very aesthetic and solid to be installed outdoors under your veranda for example or on the wall of your terrace since it is completely hermetic and is not likely to be damaged by bad weather.

    In our range of products, there are also semi-state IP44 IP44 round ceiling lights that resist water and dust projections like the magnificent and elegant 12W round LED ceiling light. This type of ceiling light is suitable for indoor use. Make your choice, a variety of models of robust and reliable round ceiling lights await you on the site.

    A considerable space gain

    The intelligent design of LED round ceiling light in fact a space -saving accessory; It does not take up space and is not likely to obstruct your trips. Fixed to the ceiling, it therefore does not risk falling or breaking. Negotious parts such as corridors, stairs or entries etc ... also need to be lit because they generally do not have windows open to the outside. In these remote rooms where the passage is rather narrow and the ceiling often low, you will be very happy to have a ceiling lamp that does not take up space. Browse our site, you will no doubt be won over by the simple but elegant shape of our 24W round LED ceiling light which will find its place in a large living room as well as in a narrow corridor.

    What are the features of round ceiling lights from Silumen?

    Several varieties of round ceiling models are available on our site. They adapt to all spaces and all needs. They agree with time as well as change and always tend to evolve with technology. With their different specificities, LED ceiling lights combine lighting and technology perfectly. To guide you as well as possible in the choice of your accessory, discover the different features of our ceiling lights.

    The Round LED ceiling light at variable temperature

    This ceiling model is an innovative accessory with modular functions to allow you to illuminate your interior according to your luminosity and color shades. With a remote control included, you can control the lighting remotely and select the most likely temperature to meet your needs and requirements. Discover our Round LED ceiling light at variable temperature 36W 220V which will allow you to adjust the intensity of your lighting at any time depending on your desires thanks to its dimmable function. Also take advantage of the features of this luminaire with lighting colors Variables to light up your pieces in different ways: warm white for more conviviality, cold light for more liveliness and neutral white for a "natural light" effect.

    The Round LED Ceiling Light Connected WiFi

    THE Connected LED round ceiling light is an intelligent luminaire that brings a colorful atmosphere in your space. To be fixed to the ceiling with ease, this type of ceiling lamp can be controlled remotely, using your smartphone. This model offers you an infallible and versatile lighting solution with the possibility of going into several programmable modes.

    Let yourself be tempted by the specificities of our WiFi ceiling light 40 cm RGBW controllable via the Tuya Smart application to install in your smartphone. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, this intelligent ceiling light can also be ordered vocally.

    The Ceiling Light

    Find in Our collection of cheap LED round ceiling lights, various models with a twilight motion detector. The latter benefit from intelligent lighting that only comes on when it perceives a movement and turns automatically in the event of inactivity. The only recommendation to give with this ceiling lamp is to install it in protrusion on your ceiling and connect it directly to a 220V sector thanks to its integrated transformer.

    To benefit from both automatic and economical lighting, opt for the Round LED ceiling light 18W with 220V twpuscular motion detector.This model will make your life easier and allow you to save energy in terms of energy consumption since after 2 minutes of inactivity, it will extend automatically. On the other hand, with its IP20 index its use must be exclusively indoors.

    Where to put the round ceiling lights?

    THE Round -shaped ceiling light is perfect for all the rooms in your house, whether small, modest or large. It is adapted to all types of space in order to shed powerful and homogeneous lighting in addition to its current technological specificities. For a small desk or a bedroom, you can opt for a single ceiling lamp as a main starter. On the other hand, for a large stay, install several lights in order to increase the enlightening power. To give you an idea, fall for the contemporary design of Suspended LED ceiling light 60w white / warm white 3000K To give a touch of charm to your living room while enjoying harmonious and pleasant lighting.

    A round ceiling lamp is also welcome in your bathroom, first for the aesthetic and decorative side, but especially for its efficient and efficient brightness. Thanks to its IP65 protection index, the LED ceiling light 13W white round is the ideal lighting for lighting your bathroom.

    If your house has a staircase hall with a low ceiling, a luminaire ceiling lamp will also be the right solution to ensure good lighting quality. To do this, prefer the Round LED ceiling light 18W Offering a brightness of 1260 lumens to optimally illuminate your space.