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    Adop these adorable silicone night lights fun and colorful! This kind of night light Available in the form of small animals, clouds, pretty snowmen and more. To brighten up young and old, these playful LED night lights change color to the touch. Very light and practical, our flexible silicone night lights offer mild lighting for a good night's resting night. Silicone night lights are also rechargeable and are ultra solid. They don't need a remote control, a USB cable is already provided. Flexible silicone night lights are the best Enabers for children of the market. Explore without further delay the whole magic of the silicone night lights At Silumen, delivery is offered from € 59.90 purchase!

    15 products
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    Buy silicone night lights for your child, high quality night lights!

    During the decoration of your child's room, certain elements are not to be overlooked, and in particular the choice of the night light. Indeed, many children need a light source to reassure them at bedtime, and make the link between daylight and sometimes disturbing darkness of the night. Regarding the choice of the night light for your child's room, know that the silicone night light is the best choice in this area. If you are wondering Why buy a silicone night light, let Siluma tell you its strengths and present your different models to you.

    Silicone: a quality night light material

    When it comes to choosing a night light In order to enlighten the nights and chase your child's fears, the task may seem more difficult than you thought. Indeed, several parameters must be taken into account: which material to choose? Do you have to choose a USB battery-up night light? Where should it be installed? The silicone night light answers all the questions you ask yourself. It is a resistant, flexible and modelable material but also very soft to the touch. Some of Silumon silicone night lights are also tactile and equipped with a USB port for loading!

    What are the advantages and properties of silicone?

    The silicone night light is most likely the best option in terms of Enabers for children. Indeed, you should know that its advantages are as numerous as they are diverse, and make it the best ally of your child to face the night, and where it goes. I'Main advantage of the silicone night light is obviously its material. Indeed, the silicone has the strong point of being a material that tends to absorb shocks. This is obviously a major asset because young children can sometimes throw objects through the room. A flexible silicone night light is therefore the most indicated choice for a child's room because it is unbreakable.

    In addition, the silicone night light has the other advantage of being designed in a relatively soft material and very pleasant to the touch. Depending on the model you choose, your child can hold it in his hands and handle it to reassure himself, because it is a more or less modelable material. Being able to knead it can therefore act as a kind of anti-stress. Also be aware that silicone is a fairly light material. Thus, the silicone night light has the other asset to be carried away everywhere. You can, for example, slip it into your child's bag when he gets rid of, or take it with you on vacation.

    Finally, silicone is also a material that has the advantage of not heating. The flexible silicone night light therefore has no danger, and can be left near your child. You have understood, buying a silicone night light is the best investment you can make for your child's room.

    Why buy a silicone night light from your child?

    The decoration of your child's room is an important step, both for him and for you. It is indeed this piece that will see your little bit grows and that will help it define its identity as a person. When your child comes to the world, it is important to him offer a cheap silicone night light In order to reassure him when he starts sleeping alone in his room. A silicone night light can soothe it and make its nights and yours more quiet. When your child grows, fears can occur at bedtime and make the best silicone night light buying imperative. It serves as a landmark if it comes to wake up during the night, especially because of a nightmare.

    A night light has the effect of being economical, insofar as you don't have to leave the light of her room or the lane on, but she also knows how to reassure him without you having to get up in the middle of the night. In addition, if your child has to get up to go to the toilet overnight, he just has to light his night light (and take him with him if he wishes), without having to ask you for help . Depending on the age of your child, you obviously have the possibility of making him participate in the decoration of his own room. This has the effect of strengthening your family ties and giving your child validation of their choices, which in part helps him build.

    What type of silicone night light to choose on

    The Silumen store offers you Many choices of silicone night lights. So you can easily find your happiness there like that of your child. Between tactile silicone night lights, night lights with USB power supply or animal -shaped night lights, the possibilities are endless and will satisfy all your desires.

    Tactile silicone night lights

    If you are looking for the best silicone night light, look no further: Silumen presents the tactile silicone. Real little technology gems, Tactile night lights are on the way to becoming the pamper night lights of all parents. Indeed, by touching their tactile silicone surface, you can enjoy their palette of bright and changing colors.

    Animal -shaped silicone night lights

    THE animal -shaped silicone night lights are among the big favorites of Silumen, and also of your children. As cute as it is fun and practical, you can be sure and certain to make the right choice by investing in one of these little wonders that are the animal -shaped night lights. The positive point is that you can in particular involve your child, if his age allows him, the purchase of his night light. He can thus choose his favorite animal to accompany and enlighten his nights. Of the Silicone penguin night light, to the cow -nightuineuant via the Silicone cat night light, what will you choose?

    Silicone night lights with USB power supply

    Among the best silicone night lights are prominently placed the Silicone night lights with USB power supply. There USB silicone night light is indeed a must because you will never need batteries in order to make them work. THE USB night lights are indeed provided with a loading cable. Thus, no risk of seeing the batteries flow and endanger your child. You can take your night light on vacation with you in peace!

    Silicone night lights in the shape of funny characters

    If your child is not too turned towards animals and wishes a cute but more funny night light, you can always bet on other adorable figurines like the Silicone night light snow or the silicone cloud night light. You can also bet on mythical animals like the Silicone dinosaur night light or unicorns.

    Where to install the flexible silicone night light in my child's room?

    THE Choice of the installation location of your child's silicone night light is also a point raising some questions. Is it dangerous to leave a night light near your child? Should we imperatively install the silicone night light near an outlet? Know that the silicone night lights offered for sale by the Silumen store have the advantage of landing absolutely everywhere. Indeed, since they are supplied with a USB power cable intended for their recharge, these night lights have a certain autonomy which allows them to be installed wherever you wish, and not necessarily next to a socket.

    So you can install a cheap silicone night light near your baby's cradle or in a corner of the co-dodo if it sleeps in your room. When your child grows, you can leave his night light on his bedside table. In this way, he has the impression that his bright friend watches over him overnight. If you fear that your child will spend his time playing with it, you can choose to place his light upper on a well -evident shelf where he can see her, for example on the wall opposite or next to his bed. The placement possibilities are therefore multiple, and you can choose the one that suits you best or that best suits your child. In addition, you can ask him for his opinion, if his age allows him to express it.