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    If you are looking to light up your outdoor space while saving, our range ofExterior wall lights at low prices is the perfect solution. At Silumen, we have a selection of LED sconces, including the exterior lantern sconces which adds a retro touch to your decoration while providing effective lighting. The LED sconces in our range use LED technology, which is environmentally friendly and meets European EC standards. In addition, they diffuse a pleasant light while saving money on your electricity bill. We also have other external wall light options, such as Connected exterior walls and the Outdoor wall lights with detector, to complete your installation. Now order your exterior lantern wall lamp For your aisle, garden or terrace. At Silumen, we are committed to providing you with quality products at affordable prices to light your outdoor space and improve your outdoor decoration. All our products are CE certified and meet European standards to guarantee your satisfaction. Give your outdoor space a classic and charming look with our exterior lantern sconces.

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    Place your exterior in style by installing Siluma exterior lanterns

    In search of an effective and stylish means of lighting for your outdoor spaces? I'Lantern exterior wall lamp stands out as a luminaire to be acquired absolutely to improve the appearance of your spaces. Indeed, the lighting of a facade or a low wall is very important. It allows you to welcome your guests in a warm way and give a pleasant taste of your home. Also, it is wise to carefully choose the style, size and features of your lantern sconces to succeed in your layout. The models of outdoor lantern applics available on are diverse. Classic, solar or connected, choose from our wide selection for exterior lighting to your image.

    The lantern exterior wall lamp: the ideal luminaire for successful outdoor lighting

    I'Outdoor wall light offers many advantages. One of its main assets is its ability to secure a space thanks to the light it diffuses. Have you ever thought of installing lantern sconces in your outdoor spaces? Visit our site and discover our best exterior lanterns With their features are made to satisfy you. This type of luminaire has the gift of bringing a touch of originality to your spaces, personalizing your home and effectively illuminating the shadows. Thanks to their style that is both industrial and design, our models bring heat, style and character to your decor.

    What are the advantages of our outdoor lantern sconces?

    An elegant design luminaire

    Thanks to the elegant look of our exterior exterior lantern walls, Dress and structure your outdoor spaces by offering them a real aesthetic added value. Different models of particularly attractive lanterns and each with their appearance are available on our site to enhance your outdoor decor. By opting for example for our Black exterior wall lantern for E27 bulb, you establish a touch of elegance and a real aesthetic interest on its installation surface whatever its nature.

    A sustainable and economical lamp

    Conscientiously made in high quality materials, our Best exterior lanterns can serve you efficiently for at least 20,000 hours. Their durability directly impacts your portfolio because it makes it possible to considerably reduce expenses related to maintenance and replacement of your lighting accessories. Being LED lighting, these sconces offer exceptional quality of light, but consume very little energy. Then opt for the Silumen solar lanterns exterior to lighten your electricity bill.

    A wall lamp adapted to external use

    To be installed in an outdoor environment, your luminaires must have a protection sign adapted. IP54 certified, most of our Lanter exterior walls LED are intended to be used on the outdoor protected outdoors. But certain models have the IP65 index. That means Whether they have a high level of seal that makes them completely resistant and protected against all kinds of liquid or solid infiltration. Therefore, these external wall lanterns are not likely to be damaged by the weather and other climate rigors.

    What are the different types of lanterns available at Silumen?

    The RGBW exterior lantern sconing

    Buy our exterior lanterns In order to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Thanks to the RGBW system for example the RGBW Wall connected solar lantern, you can compose the color of light yourself to adopt by your luminaire yourself. Thus, with this type of wall lamp, you can create the light atmosphere yourself that you want to offer to your spaces according to the circumstances and according to your desires. Consult our site and order your outdoor lanterns to illuminate your outdoor spaces now according to your desires.

    The solar exterior lantern

    This category also includes LANTERNES Outdoor LED walls that eat solar energy. Operating independently, their integrated battery operates up to 12 hours of continuous light. Extremely practical, easy to use and very easy to install, our solar lanterne walls models do not require electrical power cables. This prevents you from potential complications to find an extension or to dig the wall in the absence of an electrical arrival. Take advantage of the advantages such as autonomy and profitability, offered by our outdoor solar lanterns to optimize the exterior lighting of your property.

    The outer lantern connected wall lamp

    With progress in lighting technology, it is now possible to obtain smart lights that can be configured according to your expectations. It is easy for you to adjust the brightness of your lights, to vary their lighting temperature, to adjust the intensity of its lighting and to make many other configurations depending on the model chosen. Find in our selection several models of connected exterior lanterns. Thanks to the Tuya Smart application, they can be controlled remotely via your smartphone. Programmable according to your tastes, these lights have several practical modes all extremely interesting such as automatic ignition and extinction or music mode which makes its light reactive to sound.

    Where to install your outdoor lantern applique?

    A lantern lamp to highlight an input

    A well -lit entry is essential to warmly welcome you after a hard day. Of the Lanter walls outdoors Located on each side of your gate or main door are perfect for illuminating the entrance to your house in aesthetics. The installation of these lights at this specific location also allows you to immerse your property in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

    On the terrace to offer a nice atmosphere of atmosphere

    By multiplying and distributing the light points on your terrace, you offer it a soft and harmonious lighting. This is why lighting up a terrace with lantern sconces is an excellent option. Take advantage of their sifted light to extend your summer evenings.

    A lantern wall lamp to enhance your facade

    A wall lamp is a solution not only functional, but also very aesthetic to restore cachet to your facade. It is a great way to bring a very remarkable charm to your accommodation thanks to its elegance, its harmonious lighting and the exceptional quality of its light.