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    Authentic and registering in a vintage look, get one of our many Tripod lamps So that your home can be decorated in a style whose originality is undeniable. Recalling the spotlights of a film shoot, our selection of Tripod lamps will integrate perfectly into your interior while giving it a new air that has nothing to displease. Our Foot floor lampposts Can serve as auxiliary lighting for each of your rooms and have the particularity of generating sufficiently strong light without it being dazzling. In addition, the vintage style emerging from it is obviously not contradictory with a minimalist or elegant decoration and on the contrary they will also bring a touch of pep. Buy your Trepied lampposts.

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    How to choose and where to install a tripod lamp?

    The tripod lamp is an accessory that is both decorative and practical. It allows you to create room lighting in your home, while enhancing your decoration. The tripod lamp finds its place in any room thanks to its versatility and great diversity. It stands out from the lights to one foot by its stability and its timeless style. If you plan to buy a tripod lamp, know that it cannot be chosen at random. To help you in this task, you can fortunately count on Silumen. Here are our tips for knowing everything about this luminaire and power Choose the best tripod lamp for your home.

    The tripod lamp: the ultra trendy standing lamp

    The tripod lamp is a type of floor lamp which combines aesthetic and robustness. Its design offers it optimal stability, which allows it to adapt to all surfaces. By ricochet, this considerably increases its lifespan. You have little chance of bringing it down following bad movement or hazardous manipulation. The design of the lamp also allows it to harmonize with all the styles of decoration. It also allows you to bring a touch of elegance and originality to your interior.

    What are the different types of tripod lamps?

    Before buying a tripod lamp, you should know that there is a multitude of tripod lamp versions on the market. Each of these Lamps to be installed has its own characteristics. These define their assets, but above all their use. To find the ideal tripod lamp, it is therefore necessary to know all the choices available to you. In total, you can find 3 types of three feet lighting. Each was designed for a specific room in your home.

    Tiped floor lamp

    THE Tripod floor lamp stands out for its versatility. He settles down as well at the entrance as in the living room or the office. Its specificity lies in its imposing size. It allows him to produce a powerful mood light with a lighting capacity. This Tripod lamp type also seduced by its aesthetic power. THE White tripod floor lamp where the Black tripod floor lamp Attracts attention while enhancing the overall style of your decoration. The tripod floor lamp can be adjustable or not. This feature allows you to better adapt it to the space you have in your home.

    The Roofed Bedside Lamp

    There Tiped bedside lamp is ideal for the room. It allows you to create a romantic and relaxing light atmosphere. The Trépied bedside lamp accompanies you during the night during your reading sessions or when you awaken night. This is also the Best tripod lamp For your relaxation areas. It presents itself as an excellent decoration accessory to dress a table, a dresser or a shelf. You can easily change it with space thanks to its lightness and robustness.

    Tiped office lamp

    There Tripod desktop has been designed to reduce your eye fatigue. It produces auxiliary lighting intended to counterbalance that of your work screen. Thanks to the Tiped Office lamp, you increase your productivity while lowering your stress. The effects are the same if you are a follower of work on paper. The lighting emitted cleaning your eyes and reduces their fatigue. This standing lamp is also an excellent decoration accessory to give more volume and style to your office.

    How to choose my Siluma Tiped lamp?

    To fully enjoy all the advantages offered by this lamp, it is essential to choose it carefully. You must opt ​​for a model that meets both your technical and aesthetic requirements. At Silumen, we offer you a wide choice of tripod lamps. Both modern and robust, our articles adapt to your needs. If you plan to buy a tripod lamp, here are the 4 criteria to be taken into account to find the ideal model of Tiped Design lamp, in our catalog. These are material, color, height and style.

    The Tiped lamp material

    The robustness and longevity of a tripod lamp largely depend on the material used for its manufacture. There pine tripod lamp is appreciated for its resistance, its natural side and its stability. It is also ideal for protecting the surface of your furniture from scratches. There Wooden tripod lamp Also has the advantage of being warmer and friendly. There Metal tripod lamp, for its part, stands out for its lightness and its smooth appearance. His real force, however, lies in his resistance to shocks, dust and humidity. The bamboo tripod lamp also presents as an excellent aesthetic and practical choice. The bamboo combines the natural side of the pine with the resistance of the metal.

    The color of the floor lamp or the Tiped bedside lamp

    There Tiped lamp color is a purely aesthetic criterion when you plan to buy one. It should therefore be harmonized with the decoration style of your home. If you have a rather chic and modern interior, opt for the white tripod lamp, the gray tripod floor lamp or the golden tripod lamp. Black, for its part, is recommended for sober and contemporary decorations. In this shade, your lamp will allow you to create contrast. THE bronze tripod floor lamp is also an interesting choice to bring a touch of originality to a room. It is perfect for industrial decorations. As for the ivory color, it enhances an elegant and friendly decoration.

    The height

    There Cheap Triped Lamp height will determine its lighting field, size and visibility. It is to be chosen according to the room in which you want to lay your lighting. In the living room, favor imposing models of 145 cm tripod floor lamp, 149 cm or 150 cm. Conversely, for the room, opt for a smaller 38 cm lamp. For the office, orient yourself towards our models of 58 cm tripod lamp. They offer an optimal compromise between the two previous possibilities. Note that you must also adapt the height of your lamp to the space you have to enjoy a satisfactory experience.

    The style

    The Siluma Tripod lamp is available under a multitude of styles To be able to respond to all requests. You can for example choose our Industrial tripod lamps For their raw and original appearance. THE Industrial tripod floor lamp In particular, suitable for minimalist interiors that revolve around wood and metal, with sober colors like white, black, bronze or gray. There Scandinavian tripod lamp, on his side, turns out to be warmer. It is ideal for modern or retro interiors, with a predominance of white and ivory and with a touch of green or yellow. In the Silumen catalog, you can also find cinema tripod lamps. They stand out by their rotary head and their original shape. They are recommended for retro or rustic decorations.

    Where to put my design tripod lamp inside my house?

    It exists Three main locations for a cheap tripod lamp. You can first place it in your living room. Place it on a coffee table or in a corner next to your chair. You can also install your tripod lamp in your room. The ideal is to place it on your bedside table. It is also possible to install it in your reading corner or your relaxation space. Finally, the tripod lamp also finds its place in your office. Install it on your work table for practical lighting or loan of a piece of furniture for room lighting.