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    In order for the nights of your child or baby to be as restful as possible, discover our selection of swanless lights. First, they will allow your kid finding a sleep more quickly but also not afraid by waking up unexpectedly in the night. Second, our Breakers in swan shape are very decorative and will decorate his room at night as the day. In the evening, a soft and pleasant light will emerge and she will not bother your child at all who will need calm and serenity. Ideal for a little girl get one of our swan bedside lamps and offer her this beautiful gift that she will certainly appreciate. For a little boy, we invite you to discover our selection of fox.

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    Choose and order an original and fun swan night light

    To please your children, opt for a animal night light And bring their favorite characters to life. It is a selection of lights that take the form of adorable animals such as cats, rabbits or cubs. Indeed, the night lights are no longer made only to illuminate a room; They are now decorative elements that are found in several forms and colors. To help your little sleep peacefully, Silumen offers you to buy a swan -shaped night light. Practical and very aesthetic, it finds its place in your child's room and is installed there to bring a relaxing atmosphere. Discover all the characteristics of the Cheap swan night light de Silumen and the various places which it can be arranged.

    Why opt for a swan -shaped night lightFor your child?

    Therenight light is a luminaire that young and old can adopt thanks to its practicality. Indeed, she creates a light benchmark in a bedroom to allow you to sleep in peace while having a little lighting. In the baby's room, it helps to comfort it from the moment the latter learns to feel fear and anxiety (around 12 months). The night lights are also decorative accessories that can have other attractive features such as lighting in projector format or an integrated speaker. In the case of the swan night light, it was specially designed to represent an adorable animal, perfect for a child's room. THE night lights with original shapes like swan are ideal for stimulating your child's creativity and imagination.

    The swan -free Silumin night light: a very practical batteries

    THE Type of diet of the swan night light was chosen to make it more convenient to use. Indeed, using batteries allows you to enjoy its lighting for a relatively long period (a few months) without having to recharge it frequently. When the batteries are worn, just replace it. A Battery swan night light is also interesting for all those who wish to place it in unusual places. You do not need to place it near an sector outlet, which leaves you a lot of choice as for its location. The swan -up Siluma night light operates using 3 AAA (LR03) batteries to be installed in a dedicated compartment at the lower part of the luminaire.

    The cygne Silumne night light offers a pretty aesthetic

    If you are looking for a compact and decorative luminaire for a child's room, we invite you to buy a Swan Silumin night light. She takes on the appearance of a pretty white swan with a small blue crown, a type of character that your children can find in their favorite stories. Once lit, his body lights up gently and gives it a magical appearance while diffusing a little light in the room. Hot white was chosen as lighting color To create installing a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for the night. THE Dimensions of the swan night light are 22 x 10 x 20 cm. They were chosen to make the accessory decorative while remaining compact and not bulky.

    Opt for a safe lighting with the night -night light in swan -shaped

    To allow you to Place the swan night light in the baby's room safely, it is made of light and non -toxic plastic. It is not likely to hurt your children and the battery compartment can be screwed to avoid any accident. The swan night light is IP20 certified, the standard for any lighting that guarantees that you can handle it without problem. I'protection sign IP20 means that the luminaire is protected against solid bodies over 12.5 mm. However, it is not waterproof and is strictly used on an un humid interior.

    Where to place this swan night light?

    As previously stated, the swan night light was designed for non -wet indoor use. It is therefore necessary to avoid using it outdoors or in the bathrooms. However, as it is used wirelessly thanks to its battery diet, the swan night light can be installed in several places. It is first used to light up a bedroom. It is placed on the bedside table, above a shelf and any other furniture. For a bright and matching decor, you can get several animal night lights and align them. It can also be placed on the ground, in a corner or on a carpet; Your imagination is the only limit!

    The swan night light is not used exclusively in a bedroom for children. Anyone who loves swans or wants an animal -shaped night light can afford it. As it is portable, you can also move it to the house and install it in the living room or in a games room for a touch of cute decoration. If you want Buy the best swan night light, order at Silumen and benefit from 2 years warranty!