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    Give style to your interior while lighting it by opting for our Wooden wall lights Silum. We provide you with this range D'Wooden walls To create a natural and Scandinavian atmosphere in your interior. Passe-share, the wood of our Wood wall lights will adapt to all decorative styles, bringing a clean touch conducive to your comfort. Also take advantage of the quality of the LED, providing efficient lighting for low energy consumption and unbeatable sustainability. Silumen offers you Wooden design wall lights of quality that will satisfy you in every way, at the best price. Also discover our wide range ofInterior wall lights So that you can diversify the pleasures and adapt your lights to each room. You will find all kinds of sconces there, ranging from Lanter walls vintage at ceramic sconing more contemporary.

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    Everything about silumen wooden wall lights

    To succeed in its interior decoration, you can bet on stylish lights. Designed to light up while decorating a room, the Silumen wood wall lights Invite themselves into all households. Find among our selection of the best wooden interior wall lights, everything you need to effectively light your home while bringing relief to your decor. Trends but above all very practical, the wooden sconces available on our site clearly improve the daily lives of their users. Installing a wall lamp allows you to have a less aggressive light playing on forms and contrasts. So, to take advantage of all the functional and decorative advantages provided by our Silumen wooden LED walls, order and have yours delivered, at the best price.

    Wooden wall light: a stylish luminaire for your interior

    The choice of your interior lights is decisive for a successful decoration. To help you in this sense, we offer a range dedicated to Interior wall lights. This category contains many types and styles of interior sconces for all uses. Varied forms and functions are available to you on the site in order to meet your most precise expectations. And among them, find Wooden sconces. These light and decorative accessories have been designed to optimize your interior design, combining lighting and decoration. The assertive style of our interior wooden sconces will easily integrate into your living room by bringing a design touch. Opt for our Adjustable wall lightwhose original shape will not leave you indifferent.

    The characteristics of our wooden sconces

    Design wood wall lights

    Our selection ofDesign wood wall lights is made up of several models of aesthetic and functional wooden wall lights that will enhance your interior. Thanks to these lights, you can dress your living room or bedroom without cluttering the space on the floor. Buy a design wood wall light as The two rectangles model is a practical way to enhance your interior while making it more functional.

    Original wood wall lights

    If you are more fond of atypical decorations, draw in our selection ofOriginal wood wall lights. These amazing lights by their special shapes are perfect for boosting your interior. It is a great way to personalize the decoration of a common room in all discretion. You can for example use one of our original wooden sconces to break a very sober decor or even assert your taste for exoticism. In any case, none Wooden wood wall lights available on our site will let you fall into bad taste.

    Interior wall lights made of wood

    The main material requested in the manufacture of wall lights in this category is wood. This material is prized for its high decorative potential but also for its many practical characteristics. Wood is distinguished first by its appearance: the varied shapes, colors and veins of each wooden piece give it a certain originality. The natural effect it returns is easily associated with all styles of decoration.

    So, Wooden wall lights offered in our shop are never really the same. In addition, wood is known for its resistance and durability. Decorative accessories made of wood such as the appliances then degrade difficult and last longer. By ordering one or more of our wooden design wall lights, such as theNatural wood wall lamp of 22.5 cm, you are sure to invest in a quality accessory that will last over time.

    Available in wood and black colors

    The beige color of wood fits with everything. Used in particular in Scandinavian, industrial or even nature decoration, it can be requested to represent all styles. It is a neutral color symbolizing nature and simplicity. This warm color gives more comfort to a room so that you can simply feel good.

    One of the main assets of wood color is its adaptability to all uses. Do what you want! For example, associated with black, the beige of Our black and wood walls will bring an industrial and contemporary side to your interior. This association of colors of our Wooden wall lightsIn particular, may be suitable for dressing your living room or office without cluttering it.

    Wooden wall lights for E27 bulbs

    All silumen wooden led wall lights are adapted to bulbs generally used in interior lighting. To equip your lights, it will therefore be very easy for you to choose the appropriate LED bulb. On the one hand, several models of interior wall lights for E27 bulbs are offered on our site. This type of bulb is characterized by a 27 mm diameter "Edison" screw pellet. Being one of the most used bulbs in the domestic environment, the E27 bulb is offered in various ways, with different characteristics and functions. For your wooden LED wall lamp, Silumen offers you to draw from our list ofE27 LED bulbs. LED offers you the best value for money and the best experience in interior lighting.

    Interior wood wall lights for guest bulbs

    On the other hand, our range also has Several models of wooden sconces for guest bulbs. This is a spindle bulb with a spacing of 10 millimeters between the two pin. Indeed, the letter G designates the pins and the letter U means "universal". This kind of LED bulb is most often used to equip spots or interior sconces. And with an angle of lighting varying between 30 ° and 150 °, the GU10 type bulbs are mainly suitable for small parts. Thus, opt for a GU10 socket wall light equipped with a GU10 LED bulb To effectively light your room or dressing room.

    Several choices of lighting colors

    Take advantage of the possibility of choosing your lighting color by opting for one or more of our wooden LED wall lights. In our shop, you will find a wide range of LED bulbs suitable for silumen wooden wall lights. For general or functional lighting, choose from our shades of white. The neutral white, close to daylight, is ideal for a living room such as the living room, the kitchen or the offices. Cold white is rather suitable for functional lighting because it particularly represents the objects and scenes exposed. Finally, the warm white color brings the warm and sifted lighting comfort in a bedroom.

    To create different atmospheres through a single luminaire, we invite you to bet on the RGB LED bulbs. The RGB system is based on the diffusion of the three primary red, green and blue colors. The combination of these allows the creation of an infinity of lighting colors for your interior. This innovative technology can be applied to your wall lamps in walls without reducing the quality of lighting provided by LED.

    LED appliques intended for the interior

    The wooden sconces of our selection can be installed in all rooms in the house. Indeed, they are perfectly suited to indoor use. Their protection sign "IP20" ensures their resistance to solid bodies such as hand fingers. Thus, the manipulation of your Wood wall lights intended for the interior, especially during their installation or maintenance is not likely to deteriorate them. For wet pieces such as the bathroom, opt for special lights with an IP44 protection index at least.

    How to install a wooden interior wall light?

    Before installing a wall lamp, you must first choose it. Choose from our selection of indoor wood sconces, those that will best sit in your decor. Regarding their installation, it is generally considered that a height of 1.80 m is correct. You just have to make sure that the bulb is not directly at the eyes, in order to avoid unpleasant dazzles.

    To achieve Installation of your Wood Wall LED wall lamp, start by cutting the current to avoid any risk of electrocution. Then just securely fix the walls to the wall using the ankles. Then connect the wires of the electrical arrival and your wall lamp between them and install your E27 or GU10 bulb, depending on the model. If you do not want to pierce your wall, we advise you to turn to the autonomous interior sconces such as theInterior batteries. The latter have the advantage of working without electricity and therefore without drilling or required connection.