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    Make your moments spent working or studying more pleasant by opting for one of our many selections of Design office lamps. Designed with sought -after finishes, our Design lamps will dress your desktop with great pace thanks to their decorative character ranging from the simple and Scandinavian look to a more modern or even futuristic look by the use of Yeelight technology as well as the very enlightening LED bulbs without being dazzling for your eyes. Their utility to optimize your productivity is therefore no longer to teach you. We invite you to discover our many choices of design lamps for office and to browse at the same time other varieties of Lamps to be installed.

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    How to optimize the choice and use of your designer office lamps?

    What if you dare to buy a design lamp for your desk? All interior architects will applaud this choice! It is a modern desktop lamp more than getting and enlightening your office. Beyond the singular aesthetic touch, a judiciously chosen design office lamp can be classified as a working or relaxation tool. Do you find it daring as an affirmation? OUR Guided walking in the world of office lamps with modern design will tell you more.

    Design of the office lamp: an important criterion for working comfortably

    Let's start with obviousness: Design desktop lamps decorate your office in an original way. It is commonly accepted. A less known asset: a modern office lamp boosts performance at work!

    Indeed, by increasing your visual comfort, you can only be more productive. Office lighting well adjusted and intelligently established relieves view, strengthens concentration and causes relaxation. Design is a criterion to prioritize when buying a desk lamp. You can adjust the light intensity of your modern desktop lamp and direct it for better visibility. The whole thing is to know how and where to buy your designer desk lamp.

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    How to choose your LED Design desk lamp on Sulimen?

    The “Design Office Lamps” range offered by Sulimen is very wide. All of your desktoping needs and requirements will be met. Whether you are looking for a cheap design desk lamp or the best designer desk lamp according to specific criteria, a simple filtered search is enough. Buying the most suitable design desk lamp is not a trivial act; Several criteria and elements intervene in the Choice of your modern desktop lamp.

    The shape of your designer desk lamp

    In terms of decoration, form is the most distinctive element of modern style. It is also the most personal choice of choice. Indeed, by parading the many images of the range "Design office lamps", you have every chance of succumbing to a crush (it's common in the world of designer office lighting) or Order the desk lamp with modern design which subtly reveals a hidden line of your character.

    Between circular -form office lamps, swan neck, round salt lamp or basket ... or a LED designer desk lamp with linear suspension, you will easily find the shape that harmoniously combines with the decoration of your desk.

    The material of a modern desk lamp

    The ingenuity of designer designer lighting creators is not limited to only forms; Various materials are used to make modern, flexible, attractive and solid office lamps. The diversity of materials is a criterion for selecting a good office lamp supplier. On our LED Design Office Lamp Site and decorative items, you are spoiled for choice: bamboo office lamps, Wooden and metal desk lamp, in iron, pine or copper.

    Office lamp options with modern design Siluma

    The choice of office lamps obeys very specific criteria. It is a question of creating an environment conducive to effort and/or relaxation. Design office lamps help resolve this dilemma. To do this, order lamps whose use can be customizable depending on the desires, needs or climatic factors.

    A good sales site gains to offer a range of designer led desk lamps with multiple options :

    - Dimmable or gradable designer desk lamp: to adapt the intensity of the brightness to your needs and ensure the ideal brightness all day long and the year.

    - Tactile office lamp : For more comfort and safety.

    - Plin desktop : practical, functional, flexible and clipable in any place.

    - Rechargeable lamp: economical, ecological, it offers autonomy and regulation.

    You just have to Define the best office lamp according to your own criteria, you will find it at Silumen.

    Electric consumption of designer desk lamps

    Good lighting from your office requires providing several light sources (at least one direct source and another indirect). Likewise, the shadow areas must be eliminated as much as possible that quickly tire the eyes. To this end, you will have to buy designer desk lights that have different powers. In general, it is advisable to have a 15 watts bulb in your office. Design designer 5W and 25W desktops are also in great demand to optimize desktop lighting.

    How to supply your desk lamp with a connected design?

    What could be more functional than a design and modern desktop that contains USB ports? USB keys are now essential work tools. They can constitute additional power sources with rechargeable batteries or connection to an electrical outlet circuit. You can also buy a design desk lamp that reads your USB and/or recharge your smartphone keys.

    What lighting color for your design desk lamp?

    The color rendering of lighting enhances its effectiveness and greatly impacts visual comfort. Between one lighting color Warm white, cold white or neutral white, choose the intensity best suited to your daily activities without breaking the atmosphere of your office. Only a supplier specializing in lighting and declaration items can direct you to the best choice. The light of your office has different temperatures of color; The unit of measurement is the Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin units, the more intense and cold your office lighting. If you are targeting a warm atmosphere, opt for a bulb with low value Kelvin.

    How to harmonize the design and use of your lamp with the style of your office?

    There best designer desk lamp to choose is the one that naturally integrates into the universe of your office. With patience and passion, you have been able to provide your desk with the decorative style that you like, relaxes you and suits you the most. It would be a shame to break the harmony of the different furniture (carefully selected) with an intruding element that sounds false and annoyed: goodbye the yield!

    The first rule to observe in office lighting is to choose your designer office lights according to the furniture placed nearby. Better still, in addition to harmony, look for the association, the 'synergy' of the decorative elements of your office (after all, it is a workspace: synergy is in order!). For example, if you have opted for a minimalist or Scandinavian style decor, opt for a White wooden and metal desk lamp.

    Whatever the decorative choice of your office (industrial look, vintage retro look or a contemporary style), the broadness of the desk lighting offer allows you to control the lamp that combines efficiency and originality while respecting the covering from your office.

    Some recommendations to choose the best designer desktop lamp

    Visual comfort and work efficiency

    Nothing better to support this aspect than to reproduce the informed opinions of the Observatory of the Quality of Life at the Office (Actineo): “Inadequate lighting of the workspace can cause fatigue and eye irritation as well as headache . But with a good level of lighting, the number of errors and accidents drops and visual fatigue is reduced. ” What then is the solution recommended by these specialists to optimize your performance at work? Actineo recommends office lighting whoselight intensity Varies between 250 and 500 lux depending on the nature of the work: the more the task to be performed in precision and meticulousness, the more the light intensity is to be raised.

    Implementation of the LED Design Office Lamp

    The criteria to be taken into consideration to properly enlighten your office (type of activity, decorative style of the office, your budget, the natural brightness of the office, etc.). Fortunately, the lamp offer and other components is abundant and varied (articulated arm, adjustable and tilting beam, pivoting head, cheap design desk lamp, retractable lampshade ...). All your purchase criteria for the best office light are respected.

    Optimal desktop lighting cannot be reached thanks to a single artificial light source. At least one homogeneous diffusion ceiling light should be provided and one or more lamps. I'judicious implementation of LED design office lamps And their orientation play a crucial role in maximizing the quality of the light prevailing in your office.

    So, if you are right -handed, remember to place the lamps on your left to avoid the creation of shadow zone on your writing or reading supports. Similarly, focus the flow of light on the work area of ​​the moment and prevent it from interfering in your visual field or generates a dazzling by luminance.

    The worst to avoid in terms of lighting your office is the big gap in light levels. By trying to adapt to it, your eyes get tired quickly. Shadows are therefore to be avoided in an office, unless it is the desired effect (relaxation, atmosphere).

    Now you can better define the characteristics of the best designer office light. You can easily Order your designer desk lighting online at Silumen. If your budget is limited, you will also find cheap design office lamps. Adapt your office light to your needs and affinities thanks to the design lamps.