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    To significantly embellish a desk, a bedside table or a buffet in a style that breathes elegance and class, bet on one of our Wooden desk lamps. First, the wood used for the design of a decoration accessory always creates something by its delicate look. Second, a wooden office lamp will always agree almost perfectly thanks to its passout property. In addition, the acquisition of one of our Wooden desktops will allow you to work in a pretty environment conducive to your productivity. In our selection, you will find a variety of Scandinavian wooden lamps For a minimalist style but also go fall for the "horizon" wooden bedside lamp. We also invite you to visit our section articulated office lamps !

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    Our tips for choosing and ordering a wooden desk lamp

    The lighting of your office influences your performance, your comfort, and its decoration. The purchase of an office light is not a trivial act. Wooden desktops are an ideal alternative for learned lighting in your home workplace. Silumen.com guarantees you an optimal choice of wood office lamps. Determine your criteria and Choose the best wooden desktop lamp on our site. You can also just scroll through our catalog of design wooden office lamps to find inspiration. We are sure that you will have a crush on one of our wooden designer desk lamps.

    The wooden desk lamp: a natural and timeless lamp

    I'Purchase of a wooden desk lamp Unveil your penchant for natural/chic decoration. A design wooden desk lamp illuminates your workspace, but also lifts the veil on your priorities as a demanding consumer. We know it well at Silumen, it is for this reason that our selection of office lamps Always includes wooden lamps. The wooden desktops are timeless and adaptable to any decorative atmosphere. The green/noble touch as a bonus!

    What is the decorative effect brought by a wooden lamp?

    Wood has always been an essential trend, and it will remain so. Buying a wooden desk lamp is a well -thought -out choice. Lighting designers have adopted wood as a precious, appreciated, practical and highly decorative material. Indeed, what could be warmer than a beautiful lighting and a nice wood in your office?

    A wooden design desk lamp fits harmoniously into a modern decorative atmosphere. It further underlines the purity of forms. The light effect is reinforced by a wood and white desk lamp. The black and wood desk lamp enhances the chic and sober side of your office covering.

    Just like wood, white and black are timeless: a successful mix for an office lamp. The designers of wood designer desk lamps also dare to mix them with metal: ideal for a modern/industrial atmosphere (your children will appreciate) or to add an original touch to a retro/chic retro decoration. In short, whatever your decorative style or the decorative lens allocated to your table lamp, the wooden desk lamp turns out to be a suitable choice. And don't forget that you can Order cheap wooden desk lamps on Silumen.com.

    How to choose my wooden design desk lamp?


    The best wooden desktop lamp is the one that meets your purchase criteria (decoration effect, brightness need, price, etc.). Our articles selection strategy is rigorous. Our lighting experts have concocted for you a selection of wooden desk lamps which are all elegant, functional and comfortable use. THE most decisive features for choosing a wooden design desk lamp have been taken into consideration.

    The color of the wooden desk lamp

    Just like wood, white and black are timeless. A Wood and white desk lamp or a Black and wood desk lamp is always in tune for any time. These highly and proudly elegant lights are never a false note. The harmony of the dressing of your office is ensured, whether with a black desktop or white.

    The height of the wood design desk lamp

    Sometimes you chain long moments, even long days, to work in your office from your home. For better performance, your light must be functional and comfortable in every way. There Height of your wooden desk lamp Depends on its type and dimension of your furniture-bureau. A height of 50 cm is recommendable for a lamp laid. The height recommended from the ground generally oscillates between 90 and 100 cm. As for the distance from your face, it must be between 40 and 60 cm. Your visual comfort and safety will be better.

    Metal association

    And if you dare a Wood design desk lamp associated with metal? Originality will only be higher and will be noted by your visitors. Skilled stainless metal integrated into the wood of your Design desk lamp Bring a modern/industrial touch to your decor.

    The type of bulb

    Our best recommendation is theE14 type bulb. It is a screw bulb, with a cheek of diameter 14 mm. It is ideal to place on an office light, provided you choose the right power.

    What bulb power for my wooden desk lamp?

    The wooden desktop lamp is not a bulky luminaire. Generally placed next to the computer or the underwater, it does not grab too much space. On the other hand, it must optimally illuminate the entire workspace. Order a LED wood office lamp on Silumen.com to combine economy and design. It is an ecological and economic bulb. Its lifespan is 50,000 hours. Your LED lamp for office must have a minimum power of 5 W to ensure your visual comfort. For security reasons, place it at a minimum distance of 30 to 40 cm from your face.

    ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency), the European Community and Occupational Medicine have issued several recommendations to obtain optimal offices:

    - 500 lux for computer work.

    - A lighting color between 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvin is ideal.

    - The difference between the least lit area and that which receives the most light must be less than 3.

    If you are determined to buy a wooden desk lamp, choose it from the Silumen.com range of office lighting. Our office lamps are selected by experts in lighting decoration. Not only will you find a cheap wooden desk lamp, but your office will be elegantly decorated.