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    Our category external solar lanterns to be installed on Silumen offers a full range of Outdoor lanterns to be installed solar energy, perfect for lighting your garden, terrace or balcony. Our solar lanterns to be installed are designed to be both ecological and practical, they work by absorbing solar energy during the day and storing it to produce light at night. We have a variety of solar lanterns models to put to meet all lighting and decoration needs, ranging from classic models to modern and elegant designs. Our solar lanterns to be installed are made with high quality materials to resist bad weather and last over time. By buying on Silumen, you benefit from competitive prices, fast and free delivery from € 59.99 purchase, as well as a two -year warranty on all our products. Give an elegant and modern look to your exterior with our sunny and ecological solar lanterns. Enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere in all simplicity in Commander of our solar lanterns to install. Also find our Solar lamps to be installed and our solar torches To complete your exterior.

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    Opt for solar lanterns to put for stylish exterior lighting

    At the same time aesthetic, modern, practical and, above all, economical and durable, solar lights as an outdoor lighting are the new trend in modern gardens. The latter are in particular the solution par excellence to properly illuminate its outdoor spaces without taking the risk of further weighing down its electricity bill. Indeed, the solar lanterns for garden eat solar energy and operate independently.

    At Silumen, solar lanterns are offered to you in a wide variety of variations according to the type of installation envisaged. For outdoor spaces that require the installation of laid lighting, we encourage youopt for our models of external solar lanterns to be posed. They are as decorative as it is functional and will pleasantly light a corner of your garden while sublimating it with their decorative presence.

    Solar lanterns to pose, what is it?

    The solar lantern to be installed is a type of outdoor luminaire Characterized by its simplistic installation mode and its operation with photovoltaic energy. This specific lighting model, designed for the optimal development of certain corners of the garden, is in particular part of a wider selection of Outdoor lanterns to be installed that you can discover in our catalog of lighting. It is an external lighting solution that is both functional, practical in use and very simple to set up. Added to this is the design of the external solar lantern to be installed which subtly takes up the features of a vintage lantern and combines them with modern lighting technology, for a rendering as efficient as decorative.

    A lamp to put to light up certain corners of the garden

    The exterior solar lamps that Silumen offers you are available in a range of models in varied format and installation mode. Depending on the type of lighting, the atmosphere, the type of development, without forgetting the outdoor space you want to light up, you must Choose the most suitable garden lamp model to the situation.

    The choice of a solar lantern to be installed is to be favored to light up the surroundings of the fence wall of the garden or even exterior stairs. To do this, the solar lantern to be placed takes place at the top of the walls of the wall, the low wall or the exterior staircase ramp. Similarly, the solar lanterns to be installed are excellent lighting solutions for pillars that frame your outdoor gate just as they can be used as light markings for your aisles or your lawn. These lights have the advantage of being versatile, easy to install and require any complex wiring.

    An economical, durable garden luminaire equipped with solar panels

    Beyond its design and its simplicity of installation, the external solar lanterns to be installed appeal thanks to their power supply mode. These lamps are presented in particular as a more economical and energetically more durable alternative to conventional garden lights thanks to the photovoltaic technology that they embark. They are all equipped with a solar panel that feeds and recharges the integrated battery with the energy of the sun. Thus, in practice, Buy not expensive external solar lanterns to install To light up your garden is a more profitable long -term solution. In addition, as these lamps operate independently of the electricity of the house, they are not affected by any power cuts and continue to light up as long as there is sun.

    The characteristics of the solar lamps to be installed sold on Silumen.com

    If they are part of a wider selection of exterior lamps, Solar lanterns to install that you can order on Silumen.com are, in turn, offered in several models according to your preferences. The latter have in common the presence of an integrated photovoltaic panel for their diet. However, the models differ in terms of additional features. So choose the solar lantern which best meets your expectations, making sure to consider the detailed selection criteria below:

    The lantern protection index to be installed

    As an outdoor luminaire, the solar lanterns to be installed all benefit from a waterproofing certification to ensure their durability in the face of bad weather. The IP protection index of the exterior lamp determines the level of resistance and protection thereof and constitutes a significant selection criterion. At Silumen, you have the choice between solar lanterns to be installed IP54 certified, for satisfactory sealing, or IP65 models, for resistance all the more increased.

    External lanterns with twilight detection

    To save you the trouble to manually light your outdoor lamps every day at nightfall, you can opt for solar lanterns to be installed with twilight detectors. This is particularly the case with the IP65 twilight solar exterior lantern from 2W. Thanks to twilight detection, the lamp is capable of lighting up by itself when daylight begins to decline. As it is a solar light, this model also has dedicated photovoltaic panels as a source of power.

    Connected solar lamps and customizable light

    Always in order to simplify everyday life, Silumen makes you available Solar lanterns connected to place in your garden, on your fence wall or at your gate. In addition to their solar energy diet, these specific models are distinguished from conventional external lamps due to the intelligent technology which they embark. Indeed, the Connected solar lanterns to install RGBW have the advantage of being able to control oneself remotely through a dedicated application, in addition to taking on other practical personalization features and options. You can, among other things, change the color and The intensity of lighting light The urge thanks to the LED RGBW Dimmables from the lantern to create a specific light atmosphere in your courtyard.

    The autonomy and the charging time of the solar lantern

    Solar lanterns to install on sale on Silumen.com All have an integrated battery accompanied by solar collectors which serves as an energy source. The battery is powered by the energy captured by the photovoltaic panel of the lantern to be installed and allows it to operate on approximately 8 to 12 hours depending on the model chosen. The recharge is carried out spontaneously during the day, when the sun shines, and takes about 5 to 6 hours to be completed.

    Solar lanterns to lay packaged in lots

    In general, like any other outdoor luminaire, The solar lanterns to be installed are installed with several in the garden, throughout the wall of your property or on the pilasters of your access gate. To save yourself to buy them individually, Silumen offers solar lanterns packs to simplify your layout and standardize your outdoor lighting. So, rather than buying the same solar lantern connected to install several times, you can opt for our Set of 4 solar lanterns connected to install and IP54 certified.

    The installation of external solar lanterns to be installed

    Install solar lanterns to put to light your outdoor spaces is an accessible operation that does not require any particular control. Indeed, this solar lamp to be installed shines by its simplicity of installation and commissioning. To do this, to do this, to:

    • Define the location of the lanterns to be placed: this model is traditionally installed above a fence wall, at the level of the pillars of the property access portal or on outdoor stairs ramps. However, nothing prevents you from placing them everywhere in the garden (on the lawn, on the edge of the aisle, etc.) to light and enhance your spaces with originality. Make sure that the chosen location is exposed to the sun.
    • Place the solar lanterns, making sure to fix them well on site.
    • Configure the outdoor lamps thus installed, in the event that you have opted for connected solar lanterns.